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I Love You,am not Obsessed(Yandere boyfriend x reader) by jayjaysleepy
I Love You,am not Obsessed( jayjaysleepy
Y/N L/N had a normal life like all 16 year old did up until she was kidnapped by a man Aoi Tsukumo a Black haired,red eye,guy of age 25 took her away from are whole life...
Added // Got7  by CallMeBeca
Added // Got7 by ~Beca~
"Jackson, we are not getting a helicopter! She is probably sleeping. Next time think before you lose your shit!" - "istg if you are high right now" ...
The Psycho of Remnant (Abused and neglected Krieg the Psycho reader x RWBY) by BaloneyPhobos
The Psycho of Remnant (Abused Baloney
Krieg Rose was the eldest child of the Rose family but the people who only loved him was his mother Summer and Ruby his little sister and his aunt Raven...while the othe...
[✓] MAGICAL || Harry Potter • by rainy-dazed
[✓] MAGICAL || Harry Potter •by read my gay stories
(complete) A bunch of one-shots from Harry Potter, the Mauraders Era and more from the Wizarding World! | - | - | - | Reader digression - Some of these one-shots...
Goner by JestersProphet
Gonerby JestersProphet
Adrenaline rushing, he looked down at his palms. They were drenched in a warm crimson liquid; blood. A chuckle could be heard erupting from the back of his throat, a chu...
HoO Truth Or Dare by Crazed_mind24
HoO Truth Or Dareby Jorge
What happens when Percy,Annabeth,Hazel,Frank,Leo,piper,jason,Nico,and other half-bloods play truth or dare. Will this not turn out pretty or will they play it off safe.
Path to Destiny 2 by sea871
Path to Destiny 2by sea871
Since Wattpad wouldn't let me go more than 100 chapters for my story I decided to put up a sequel for The Deadly Beauty and here it is:D
Crazed by user98022781
Crazedby Ecentric_Anime
Grell just finished her last reaping of the day. When a certain mortician comes to mind, she asks him what he knows about the jack the ripper incident. what will unfold...
Mental (H.S.) by HarryInMyStyles
Mental (H.S.)by C
The best stories cannot be written... I guess that's why nothing is the same. (Sequel to Psycho. READ PSYCHO FIRST TO UNDERSTAND)
After Norway (AU) by RachelMeadors
After Norway (AU)by RachelIsABomb
What if that beach in Norway was the last time Rose saw the Doctor? What would Rose do? This is what happened after Norway, after Bad Wolf Bay. Just a one shot.
<3 Niall Horan and I <3 by cassievball13
<3 Niall Horan and I <3by cassievball13
I met Niall Horan when I moved to Mullingar when I was 16 years old. This is the story about Niall's and my love story. Me and my 2 friends go on tour with One Direction...
Crazy woman in Massachusetts  by TheHarmonyShipper
Crazy woman in Massachusetts by ThatHarmonyShipper⚡️
I'm Kate Delclaire and I am just like every other girl in my town except I'm the 'witch' or crazy woman.
Love's Deadly Target by DelilahRavishing
Love's Deadly Targetby Delilah
A single mother who hasn't dated in years finds herself dating a stranger who is new to town and who fills her days and nights with new found excitement. Only her sevent...
GOD | Death note male reader x RWBY by AngeluFedora
GOD | Death note male reader x RWBYby Angelu Atlas
(Prologue) Remnant is largely inhabited by humans and faunuses, they the second of the most intelligent creatures ever lived, the first being are the Shinigamis "Go...
cornerstone note by understandsomeday
cornerstone noteby Skylar
she asked me what I was, and what I wasn't. I couldn't answer. I'm different now, and that's the only thing I know to be true.
Brief Glimpse of an Unchained Mind by pokenate1999
Brief Glimpse of an Unchained Mindby Nathan Mcbride
just some stuff I jot down. either I'll put it to music one day or just my comments on my life/society in general.
No one will survive (a hunger games story) by MadHatter56
No one will survive (a hunger MadHatter56
Hunger games. Some newcomers are ready for this...or so they think. Its the 90th annual hunger games and district 13 is the one that is new to this hunger games stuff bu...