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Gotta Get Out(Japanese Translation) by pochietsu
Gotta Get Out(Japanese Translation)by pochietsu
I'm translating the fanfiction "Gotta Get Out" written by lovealways107 into Japanese:)) ケイリーは新しい学校で新学期を迎える女の子。そこで、ルーク、カラム、マイケル、アシュトンと友達になっていくが、友情が深まっていくほど物事がち...
Beautiful Youth by beautifulyouth0
Beautiful Youthby beautifulyouth0
Watashi wa sore ga kurutte iru to omou.Do no yō ni watashi wa subete no hito ga kanzen ni hentai shite ita to omotta.. Saisho ni watashi wa nanika o jitsugen shita supēd...
From Friends To Couples by eiffelshienna
From Friends To Couplesby The Misterious girl reader/gi...
This story was written during our class hours not so really beautiful but it seems still okay This is the story of a very close best friends that even any problems could...