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Total Drama Groupchat by courtnqys
Total Drama Groupchatby sam
What would happen if the cast from total drama island and world tour were in a group chat together? #13 in duncney #7 in total
Total drama gc (warning:gay people 🏳️‍🌈) by ellonewfriends
Total drama gc (warning:gay rawr.
This is a remake of my first ever tdi gc, because I messed up (it was my first story and I was trying something out), but it's about the same stuff (This includes my shi...
Total drama groupchat!!! by indigonotclickbait
Total drama groupchat!!!by indigonotclickbait
TW, mentions of suicide, stalking, s3x, homophobia. Please don't read if any of these trigger you!!!
tdi groupchat!  by alecodys
tdi groupchat! by 🍈」ˊsusie ˋ ୨୧
silly total drama groupchat for funsies!!! ill try to keep them in character gang