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TRUST by lizzy1299
TRUSTby lizzy1299
She knew it was unlikely he would trust her. But she still went ahead and laid her heart bare infront of him knowing very well that he had the power to break her; becaus...
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A Twist in life.... by zaharahabibi
A Twist in ∆\√^¥∆....
Hi guys....iam back with a new story it's a storyline of shraman after 4 yrs being apart from each other...I hope u love it... its the love which make bond that never br...
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Fate by ddawn0505
Fateby deltadawn
#80 in Romance on 16/5/2018 She had a lonely past and a scar. He offered his friendship and she found comfort in it. He is everything a girl could wish for but is she th...
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EDKV - ONCE MORE by infinity-squared
EDKV - ONCE MOREby infinity-squared
Continuation of EDKV with our character Shravan and Sumo. The story starts begins the morning after Suman's marriage with Aditya is called off and Shravan saves Sumo's l...
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Waiting for you(Shraman)  by Habibasathi
Waiting for you(Shraman) by Habibasathi
Waiting is a sign of true love and patience.Anyone can say I love you,but not everyone can wait and prove it's true.
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Made for Each Other -s1 & s2 ❤💑(shraman FF )_completed   by arulpirai
Made for Each Other -s1 & s2 ❤💑( arulpirai
Shraman ss in new track. ..though they are two different poles destiny meant them to be together. ..this is the quest of love. ...the universal principle. .. Ranked #...
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The Lawyer In The Kitchen. (#EDKV) by ShilpiKhanna
The Lawyer In The Kitchen. (#EDKV)by Shilpi Khanna
*Wattpad Featured Book* COMPLETED! Out of sight out of mind? Distance makes the heart grow fonder? Which one is true when it comes to test the bond of friendship? Suman...
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Blessing In Disguise by Namikisbae
Blessing In Disguiseby Anokhi pathnaik
Shravan Malhotra the most eligible bachelor in Delhi is the epitome of perfection. He wants everything to be perfect. But this is not the only facet, on the other side o...
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Shiv Pandav Vikramadhitya _ The Skywriter Of Chalukian Dynasty (Completed ) by arulpirai
Shiv Pandav Vikramadhitya _ The arulpirai
Shiv Pandav Vikramadhitya. ..aka Shravan _ The crowned prince of eastern chalukya. ..His bitter wars and love war to expand his dynasty bloom into a fan fiction he...
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Boundaries of Love by itssanjh
Boundaries of Loveby Sanjh
He didn't know what to do when in love. He knew he could never do all those things that he often saw in movies; like holding hands, displaying affection or quoting long...
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Âmes Sœurs (Complete) by Creative_Catastrophe
Âmes Sœurs (Complete)by Offline
Marriage , a dream of every young girl dressed in their beautiful lehnga with their make up and jewelleries. So was the dream of Ms Suman Tiwari, an already very succes...
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Come Closer To My Soul by Joanna_Kiel
Come Closer To My Soulby Joanna Kiel
How Shravan fights for his love,Sumo after knowing the sickening truth of his dad who had separated him from his love,making her helpless and sacrificing her love in the...
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Stranger's Love by billo776
Stranger's Loveby Billo77
Suman is an aspiring wedding gown designer who's stuck with the legal guardianship of her one month old nephew. On the search for the father she crosses path with a hand...
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Rekindled Love by billo776
Rekindled Loveby Billo77
Suman and Shravan got married in an unconventional way . He wasn't happy with the decision he took hastily and walked out on his family and his wife . Two years passed a...
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Alfaaz by orion623
Alfaazby Zoya
~ A tale of a friendship crushed and an affection triumphed ~ Best Ranking : #12 in General Fiction Shravan and Suman, Childhood best friends, inseparable so to say. Su...
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Bitter Sweet Symphony (Completed) by clararicks1
Bitter Sweet Symphony (Completed)by Clara Ricks
*This is an old version. Most chapters are removed to be rewritten. Go to Bitterly Sweetly to read the entire story as I rewrite it.* ~A clash of battered ego, and love...
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Shraman: Tales Of Love!√√ by srishti_chakraborty
Shraman: Tales Of Love!√√by Dr. Srishti Chakraborty
Suman and Shravan, two people who craved for only one emotion in their lives, Love, and always fell short of it. They wanted to run from only one thing- Pain, and were...
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Iniquity: a tale of guilt and love!√√ by srishti_chakraborty
Iniquity: a tale of guilt and Dr. Srishti Chakraborty
Life is a really bumpy turn and you are expected to be hurt, some way or the other! Some are minimally hurt and some are severely hurt. But is, being hurt, an excuse to...
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HIS LADY by lizzy1299
HIS LADYby lizzy1299
They loved each other. He broke her in a way that she never thought she could recover. And then the most amazing thing happened; there entered someone so special who sho...
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♥Shraman again♥ by zaharahabibi
♥Shraman again♥by ∆\√^¥∆....
Love never die Care never die This the my imagination of continuation of edkv from the sumo's bidaai Let's see how love overcome distances