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Percy Jackson: The Intern at Stark Tower by milkyxrose
Percy Jackson: The Intern at rose
When Annabeth spends her summer working on fixing Mount Olympus, Percy has nothing to do except get a job. So when he gets an internship at Stark Tower, he learns that h...
Proof at Stark Tower by definetelynotjason
Proof at Stark Towerby DefinitelyNotJason
Peter Parker's class is taking a Surprise Field Trip to a place that's awfully familiar to the teen. Will he finally be able to prove to his school that his "intern...
Pietro Maximoff Imagines by speedy_maximoff
Pietro Maximoff Imaginesby lyssa.
Pietro Maximoff imagines ~~~ might come back after black panther 2, might not😏
The Worst Field Trip Ever by Iamstarkintern
The Worst Field Trip Everby Iamstarkintern
Peter Parker goes on a field trip to an unexpected place.
Field Trips Prove Everything by Hello_there_Hurting
Field Trips Prove Everythingby Hello_there_Hurting
Peter and Ned have to suffer just a little bit when their school gets a trip to Avengers Tower. I don't own the picture used as the cover!!!
Field Trip to Stark Tower by scottystaco
Field Trip to Stark Towerby scottystaco
Peter and the Decathlon team are going on an overnight trip for a week to the one and only Stark tower where there are going to be a whole lots of chaos, identity reveal...
⌁ New York's Lightning ⌁ || MCU x Naruto  by Feethecracker
⌁ New York's Lightning ⌁ || MCU || ⌞✕⌝ ||▻ ʟɪꜱᴄʜᴇ ɴᴀʀᴀ
When Uchiha Sasuke died by Kaguya's hand, he didn't care. It was selfish - there was so much left to do... Rebuild his clan and restore Itachi's honour. Apologize to his...
A Fieldtrip He'll Never Forget by UniversalShipper122
A Fieldtrip He'll Never Forgetby Aunt May
COMPLETED STORY Peter Parker is no ordinary science geek. He is Spiderman. To cover for his time patrolling he tells everyone that he has a STARK Internship, even though...
Peter Parker's Field Trip Oneshots by ItsJustKai
Peter Parker's Field Trip Oneshotsby Grayson
I've really been into this thing where Peter goes to Stark Tower or Avengers Compound and gets super embarrassed by his family (the avengers). Oh, and where Flash almost...
Flame and Frost (Loki x Reader) by rileyowrites
Flame and Frost (Loki x Reader)by riley
y/n l/n was born with firepowers, and Loki Laufeyson was born with ice powers. But you know what they say, opposites attract. Loki is sent to live at the Avengers tower...
Peter Parker Oneshots by Larrymarvelstan
Peter Parker Oneshotsby Stardust.Lily
🕸 this is just a bit of fun! Bare with me i promise it gets better as you go through ❤ field trips, family, reveals and offspins of Peters life #1 in spiderman (how the...
The soldiers. Steve Rogers/Captain America x reader by Clairepjofan
The soldiers. Steve Rogers/ Clairepjofan
You were a soldier. The first female soldier in the Middle Ages. You died but luckily honey preserved your body. You are gifted with powers when you wake up from the hon...
You Are Not Tony Stark by newky1
You Are Not Tony Starkby Dospělé dítě
Basically Pepper and Peter scenes. Not all of them. There is also Tony and others. ••• I apologize for mistakes in advance, English is not my native language. However...
When Mechanics Meet (PJO / Avengers ) by storymaker1235
When Mechanics Meet (PJO / storymaker1235
Tony Stark's mother dies and leves him with her diary. In this, he discovers that he had a half sister, Esperanza Valdez. He learns that even though she is dead her son...
Percy Jackson Crossover Avengers Assemble by TheWeirdGirl692
Percy Jackson Crossover Avengers TheWeirdGirl692
After two wars Percy has returned home to his mom only to find out there was an alien attack in New York by a group named "Avengers." Percy is struggling to g...
field trips by omyjishimsodun
field tripsby babygurl03123
different scenarios of field trips. (It doesnt have to be a field trip) all are written by me
Field Trips to Stark Industries One Shots by Mynamajeffhahahah
Field Trips to Stark Industries Jeff
Peter and his class go on field trips to Stark Industries and well they never go as Peter planned.
Percy Jackson and The  Avengers (Complete) by SPNandHPandPJ
Percy Jackson and The Avengers ( SPNandHPandPJ
Percy Jackson is 18 and he has experienced more death than Steve Rogers , Percy has seen his best friends Hazel, Frank, Leo, Piper, Jason, and Annabeth die because of G...
Hawkeye meets Half-Blood by AWESOMEperson453
Hawkeye meets Half-Bloodby AWESOMEperson453
So I had this idea in my sick imagination, or maybe someone already came up with it and I just haven't seen the story yet. So everyone has probably seen the type of...
Peter Parker One-Shots  by iloveyou3000_
Peter Parker One-Shots by marvelous
WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE TOWER! THE WONDERFUL TOWER OF STARK! [Peter Parker One-shots] [Stories Belong to Credited Authors] © 𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐥𝐨𝐮𝐬_𝐦𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐞 𝐅𝐢𝐞𝐥𝐝 𝐓𝐫𝐢...