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Owen' Tale by Saniacs
Owen' Taleby The Sane Group
Owen a treacherous soul eating ginger who is hellbent to destroy all life. He will travel through the depths of his fathers land. He will try and return to earth, but at...
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Traitor to love  by SRSalazar2074
Traitor to love by SRSalazar2074
Woe is me fairy tale failure
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Recessive by FatefulWonders
Recessiveby Faith
In the year 2312 experimental trials to cure cancer had terrible fall outs. Recessive genes formed a world once mythical to be a reality, one full of werewolves and vamp...
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A Brief Light by zdragonizhungriez
A Brief Lightby Chrys Harris
Two souls are trapped and take comfort in each other. Entry for a contest
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A Soul Sucker's Love by Dummy_ice
A Soul Sucker's Loveby Dummy_ice
May dalawang klase ng SS (soul sucker) white mga mababait black syempre mga masasama at higit sa lahat kumakain sila ng tao. Ano mukha nila? Uhmm....para din silang tao...
Switch by Luminous_ink
Switchby Shaye
"I'm just seeing things." Insomnia has always given Tasmin strange hallucinations, but none unlike the night a mysterious creature sets its eyes on her. When...
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Soul Sucker by swimmergirlshalom
Soul Suckerby Heather
Two rival video game absessed girls (zoey and rachel) while walking home from school spot a video game called soul sucker get sucked in when they play it. As a matter of...
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ALL BAD ✔️ by lindseywritesbooks
ALL BAD ✔️by Lindsey Berling
"There's fire... a never-ending fire. People running, screaming. They are burning. They never die. They only burn... forever." This is a short story about the...
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