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The Prince's Servant|Jaemin by hanhyunjie
The Prince's Servant|Jaeminby ★彡 jewel 彡★
"Your majesty, I am your servant. Not the princess" "But I don't want the princess. I want you" started: January 2020 finished: October 2020
[Completed]Be Mine-Ft. NCT's  Lee Taeyong   by MissSatoori
[Completed]Be Mine-Ft. NCT's keepitsimple:)
"Your heartbeat ..." Taeyong broke the silence "...I can still hear it." He slightly chuckled before completing it. I looked down. Embarrassed. That...
No girls allowed (Jaeyong) by littleLion4321
No girls allowed (Jaeyong)by Little Lion
After causing a lot of drama famous rapper Taeyong is sent back to school. There he meets Jaehyun, a shy boy who dreams of becoming a singer, but can't pronounce the let...
serein. / nct dream by nctech
serein. / nct dreamby ⚔️ north ⚔️
❝when can we go home?❞
nights ☆ nct dream by tsukidoroki
nights ☆ nct dreamby shaen
"this is going to be one of those nights wherein you'll wished that it was all a dream." mintyxuxi. 2016.09.24 2017.01.18 All rights reserved. highest...
hands (lucas wayv,nct u x reader) by red_lucas
hands (lucas wayv,nct u x reader)by kyumi
in which a person falls for another by taking the time to admire and describe their every feature 'i gulp staring at his veiny yet smooth arms as my eyes trace down to...
sticky notes | markhyuck by adorkablemarkhyuck
sticky notes | markhyuckby 𝔯𝔦𝔞𝔫
[COMPLETED] donghyuck's way of telling mark what he felt was through writing on sticky notes. started: 19.05.2019 ended: 18.06.2019 written & published: adorkablemarkhyu...
wrong send % renjun by jaenocafes
wrong send % renjunby jae
❝ rainingrenjuns chatted you. ❞ HIGHEST ACHIEVEMENT: #1 in NEOCULTURETECHNOLOGY
Nct Dream Imagines by strawberrymochi8
Nct Dream Imaginesby - m o c h i -
Imagines of the dreamies of nct! This includes reactions, scenarios, text conversations, etc. Note: None of the pictures, videos, and gifs used are mine. Started: June...
Unplanned Meeting II Lee Taeyong by poezrason
Unplanned Meeting II Lee Taeyongby xxa
C O M P L E T E D 22/01/19 They were doing their job. A family business so they say. She was always distant. Not minding anybody else as if she was in another world...
Orphan || 재용[√] by Chiyofuko
Orphan || 재용[√]by ✧yutangina✧
❝i call you moonchild.❞ +where jaehyun was adamant about adopting taeyong 10/08/17 - 06/12/18 disclaimer : based on bl drama "uncontrolled love" but changing...
Paper Boats // xiaodery by yutamatic
Paper Boats // xiaoderyby m
Hendery let the origami boats he made into the sea, hoping to find his soulmate. Xiao Jun happened to notice them. (mm/dd/yyyy) started: 12/17/18 ended: 1/10/19 [ arabi...
NCT Imagines by SKZmachine
NCT Imaginesby SKZ 💕
WINNER of the KPOPWATTYS2017 Began: 19th February 2017 Highest Rank: #147 in fanfiction, #17 in imagines
NCT Imagines by clumsydaiisy
NCT Imaginesby ✨
🌻🌻Just read it and you'll find it🌻🌻
NCT Imagines by astrxwings
NCT Imaginesby Han
A selection of imagines for NCT / SMROOKIES.
Take A Chance ; JaeNo/NoMin [ COMPLETED ] by Kiiesaa
Take A Chance ; JaeNo/NoMin [ Kiiesaa
Life had always been a constant cycle for Lee Jeno; always the same thing everyday. But as he caught sight of a boy who was around his age one fateful day, he knew right...
messages | taeyong  by -soulwrites
messages | taeyong by markass
"Let fate bring us together again,"
NCT Imagines  by hyuckology
NCT Imagines by Not Haechan
✦ Create a scenario in your head. ✦ Requests are closed. © hyuckology | 2016
14 days || mark x yeri 〈✓〉 by chaxlatte
14 days || mark x yeri 〈✓〉by Kaira
"pernikahan kalian bakalan diselenggarain 14 hari lagi." [!!] kata kasar, explicit, lowercases, non-baku © chaxlatte, 2018 ❥ highest rank(s) : #1 on nctvelvet ...
mellifluous || lucas nct by -jenosbitvh
mellifluous || lucas nctby not yours 🌙
(adj.) a sound that is sweet & smooth; pleasing to hear started: 15.04.18 ended: - highest ranking: #3 in xuxi | 20.07.18