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SMNGG/ÆSPA: Profile/Members by AnnCTzen
SMNGG/ÆSPA: Profile/Membersby AnnCTzen
I will be updating every time there will be news about SR20G Fighting and debut soon~ published ~ December 20th, 2017 Debuted ~ On their way in November Credits go to th...
Dear Renjun  by jaemyths
Dear Renjun by 𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐞♡
- in which renjun finds some letters inside his locker from a certain yz. ⋆゚an nct renjun x ning yizhuo (sm rookies) fic » "ephemera" side story (read ephemera...
Akselerasi - 97 Line by apadogwaenchanna
Akselerasi - 97 Lineby Ciel
Siapapun yang mikir kalau akselerasi adalah sekumpulan anak kutu buku yang ambisius dan ngebosenin, kalian harus nengok kelas yang ini. 97 liners
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If Only ° Winwin (#Wattys2019) by milkcutea
If Only ° Winwin (#Wattys2019)by guwinny
COMPLETED Hanahaki Disease \ha•na•ha•ki dis•ease\ (n.) illness born from one sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs flower petals. short story #...
D'ARTES | 97 Line by dilsnovelist
D'ARTES | 97 Lineby Dilla Ramadhani
Di Institut Kesenian Pranadipa, setiap mahasiswa dan mahasiswi yang menginjak semester 8 diharuskan untuk membuat sebuah festival atau pentas seni yang akan di gelar ber...
Walk You Home by smnthjyflrs
Walk You Homeby Sam
One Shot Compilation. Inspired by NCT Dream's Walk You Home
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Young Love {NCT DREAM × SR19G} ✔ by carnationsmv
Young Love {NCT DREAM × SR19G} ✔by 𝐲𝐮𝐤𝐢
A group of friends giving up their dreams of becoming an idol to save their friendship and love.
Guileful Cirrus  by mhuu99
Guileful Cirrus by Mhuu
This fic is written in both Unicode and Zawgyi Unicode မနှစ်မြို့ဖွယ်ရာခက်ခဲကြမ်းတမ်းသောလောကအလယ်တွင် ပုံဖော်ထုဆစ်ခဲ့မိသော မှားယွင်းသည့်အချစ်စစ်တစ်ခု Zawgyi မႏွစ္ၿမိဳ႕ဖြ...
Not All Bad by Minminnie-Shi
Not All Badby Lee Mi-Sun (Minmin)
"I'm sorry, but all of our female dorms are full, this is the only dorm we have left." The man apologized. "How can you expect me to room with a boy? Be...
accidentally in love | fangyang by trixiejimin
accidentally in love | fangyangby hina
So I just finished watching a romantic-comedy chinese drama called "Accidentally in Love" and I'm here writing one-shots on my favourite couple/ship from the c...
kakao by Ceirelle
kakaoby aerin
in which areum sends messages to taeyong. but what if areum, turns into a trainee in sm? see what fate has in store for them.
ʀᴇsᴛʀᴀɪɴ | ᴅᴏɴɢ sɪᴄʜᴇɴɢ by -pinkviolet
ʀᴇsᴛʀᴀɪɴ | ᴅᴏɴɢ sɪᴄʜᴇɴɢby ᑎᑕTᘔEᑎ
❇ agent au ❇ ━━━━━━━━ 》❈《 ━━━━━━━ All that he wanted was only a justice and truth. All she did was appreciating the love she thought she deserves. When these two condit...
SMROOKIES GIRLS | SR17G - Diary by stroneo
SMROOKIES GIRLS | SR17G - Diaryby Ravena
A trusted fanbook for the next generation girls #SR16G Contains: -Profile -Lots of facts -News and updates -Lots of predebut videos and pictures -and more! *** Est: 16...
You're My Destiny  by herinsite
You're My Destiny by Bonjavenue🌹
❝ I thought we were best friends but why did my heart feel this way when I'm with you...? ❞ ❝ Is this mean that you're my destiny..? ❞ -; herinsite
White Crush by eunsoyi
White Crushby e u n s o y i
Xu Yiyang is a girl who studied at Changzhou Senior High School. One day, her parents have to moved to Korea. This is her first time moving in another country, so she m...
remove | koeun by neoxicity
remove | koeunby reign
» remove for everyone Hi ex, sana ganyan lang kadali pagremove ng feelings ko sayo. 『R E P U B L I S H E D』
sungkyung by sulmiyeyea
sungkyungby Kim Bible
dedicated to Kim Sungkyung aka Lami, I'll post some oneshots about her cause I miss her :DD y/n & ex rookies/ smrookies/ trainees/ sm artists 's names shall be used in...
Hundred Letters ✒ koeun by koeunist
Hundred Letters ✒ koeunby °`` 💫
a paper and pen is what she will use to write the hundred letters containing the thoughts and words she've been dying to tell them Hundred Letters [SR18G KOEUN] storyli...
Hera ( The Hybrid's Awakening) by Nicky_AD
Hera ( The Hybrid's Awakening)by Nicky_AD
This story is about a young woman discovering who she really is. What exactly is she? You may ask, well there's one thing for sure... and that is that she isn't human.
My Girlfriend is a Nerd~||ON-GOING||~ by Haiaymzel4136
My Girlfriend is a Nerd~||ON-GOING...by K_Nichobin_Teunteuni_Geonu_Ta...
Naranasan mo nabang masaktan ng taong pinaka-mamahal mo? Naranasan mo nabang pag-laruan at itapon lang kung saan saan? Naranasan mo nabang mapa-iyak ng sobra sobra? Nags...