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Pumpkin Spiced Lover | Short Story By Rin T. by ScarletCrimsonDreams
Pumpkin Spiced Lover | Short Rin T.
The enchanting world of autumn as the crisp breeze carries the melody of jazz through the streets. In this captivating tale, meet Scarlett, a woman entwined with the coz...
Short stuffs by blujollyrnchr
Short stuffsby blujollyrnchr
Just small stories I make up, most of these are based off real events in my life but some will be purely made up, also a journal cause i have no one to talk to also som...
The Best Revenge  by aaykay4
The Best Revenge by aaykay4
Turning from enemies to lovers is what most readers cherish but can what Chloë did to Aile be forever forgiven and end up happily with her as lovers?
A Pinch of Murder by WriteroftheCenturies
A Pinch of Murderby WriteroftheCenturies
Jade. What a lovely name. Well this year's murder spree will be a blast. Let the game commence.
Lockdown love (SHORT STORY) by Rosie7895322
Lockdown love (SHORT STORY)by Rosie7895322
Rosie gets caught up In a school lockdown with her crush. What will happen? Short description Ik 😭
Inktober; Writers Edition! by FattyRattyOG
Inktober; Writers Edition!by FattyRattyOG
Hey everybody! I'm trying out writers inktober! Please be kind, I'm a beginning writer. Everyday I'll be writing a short story based on the theme of that day. I'll post...
Please Let Me Go. by coldapples
Please Let Me  
Love. Friendship. War All three can involve immense dedication and sacrifice. Harry Potter ...
Poetry & Prose: ii by DramaQueenforreal
Poetry & Prose: iiby DramaQueenforreal
Because desperate times call for desperate writing; Part 2. intentionally uncapitalized. More optimistic [for the most part lol] Weekly updates *I found the cover photo...
𝐘𝐎𝐔𝐑 𝐅𝐑𝐈𝐄𝐍𝐃𝐒. by sincerellykentrell
And I don't need you hanging out with bitches that you better than.
Tales from the World's End by Kara3264
Tales from the World's Endby Karen Vergeest
The inter-dimensional society known as the Pact Conglomerate is more unstable than ever. The Revenant believes that the natural order of existence is chaos, newly assimi...
The Dark Castle (Short Story) by rising_angel_02
The Dark Castle (Short Story)by Dove Rose
Grace is determined to find her best friend in a dark castle as she follows her screams. She finds herself running into a girl along the way looking for her brother. Som...
Six Word Memoirs by nai_nai_7
Six Word Memoirsby Nai
Emotions portrayed in a few words 🤎 {Started - 08.07.2023}
Childe x Reader !Smut! by P0ck3tBoyz
Childe x Reader !Smut!by Cherry-Evan Rose
"Lumine, you are such a beautiful girl. You deserve the world. You deserve everything you are about to receive. There is nothing that you don't deserve. In this wor...
God's mouth *RETOLD CREEPYPASTA* by The_creepypasasist12
God's mouth *RETOLD CREEPYPASTA*by Riley Bilanchuk
note I did not make this Abracadaver made this
A Few Lines by NEPHOPHILE66
I write. Sometimes. Sharing my poems and quotes here. Feel free to explore. Thank you for reading.
CAMP REDWOOD || bxb by crustingglizjuice
CAMP REDWOOD || bxbby ☆ danny ☆
A story made using random prompts from a bunch of oblivious teens. Cameron Majorca was a closeted queer teen living in London, completely unaware that by summer, he'd be...
October flicks by v_visgae
October flicksby v_visgae
Random fall and Halloween themed short stories
Vampire Knight  by Addi00147
Vampire Knight by Cherri bomb
This is a 2 part story. Just because I'm bored, I'm not really spending any time on it. If you find that annoying, don't read plus it's been hard to write more than 2 ch...