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Untimed. by amerewanderer A Mere Wanderer
A tale of two neighbors-turned-best friends, and their tumultuous journey to freedom while their countries battle for the same. They meet in a time when the world was a...
Our Valentine Story - A Short Love Story by __Iam_KD__
Our Valentine Story - A Short KD
Rolling on her stomach again, she took her phone. Their photo as a couple decorating her wall paper. Smiling, she traced his face on the screen. "What kind of dark...
🩸Help Me🗡 by Pink_Fiiiire_2000
🩸Help Me🗡by Pink_Fiiiire_2000
The 53rd killing game has concluded and sixteen participants gone their separate ways. Maki Harukawa intends to pre-sue her dream of becoming head chief of assassins. S...
Tales Of Heartache | Short Poetry by itsmacgeena
Tales Of Heartache | Short Poetryby itsmacgeena
It's either a mutual feeling, a one-sided love, or parting ways on the horizon.
Failed Test  by Elsassnow
Failed Test by tiny_angel
"I like to get late in school but know I don't know anymore.." He hug me and tell in my ear "do you know what's meaning of "mia" in italy?&quo...
-Ako si Ellise Lexus Hindi biro magkaroon ng sakit na Face blindness nakakalimutan ko ang mga mukha ng nakakasalamuha ko. "Pero may isang babaeng dadating sa buha...
The Enchanted Beast by KiehraGerri
The Enchanted Beastby Kiehra Gerri
There is an enchanted beast in the mystical forest and there are these 4 people that are trying to find it. Legend has it that the beast is still out there. There is an...
Magbabalik si mitch sa lugar kung saan niya nakilala ang dating kaibigan na si yuri. - SHORT STORY- [MitchYuri]
~Genshin Impact~ Kaeya and Diluc: Apology by Mouffie
~Genshin Impact~ Kaeya and Mouffie
Kaeya stayed the night at Dawn Winery in his old bedroom and Diluc comes in the next morning wondering why he's there. Goes with the ley line incident of version 2.7. My...
The enormous wave of emotion called "Christine" by channexx07
The enormous wave of emotion Zen Chan
Christine's top-tier emotional shenanigans
HOW TO BE LONELY by silverbraces
HOW TO BE LONELYby silverbraces
IT Simple, a girl who just wanted to left alone
Blood Game | short horror story by Crystalzsfox
Blood Game | short horror storyby Crystalzsfox
A 17-year-old arctic wolf girl mysteriously ended up in an old, abandoned house. Her mission was to get out of there, but faced problems that threatened her and other li...
Campfire | Joshua Hong by aerislaxy
Campfire | Joshua Hongby :)
sometimes feelings can start by a conscious stare, with a satisfied face and a bright smile; and sometimes it all ends with one of them running away.
Forgotten Dream💔💔💔😭 by VanessaMokwe0
Forgotten Dream💔💔💔😭by Vanessa Mokwe
Baby I will be travelling out the country for work What... But why?
Poems: short story edition by tyedyechou
Poems: short story editionby tyedyechou
some random short story i wrote in class, sort of poetic, idek at this point. there is death but its not bad so i wont say mature....but just a little heads up... :)
Stuck by 0Lilith_Cipher0
Stuckby Marymabel Udousoro
"..I guess it all started with a dare.." ▪︎▪︎▪︎ Phoebe Lane gets dared to survive a whole day in a friendship braid with Jamie Tim, her annoying friend/enemy..
The Call Center Agent (JWW)  by doodwillen
The Call Center Agent (JWW) by Doodsy
Fatima Florentino, 22, single mom. A loving mother, a hard-working woman, and a sweet daughter to Mr. Gregorio De Guzman. Started: July 28, 2022 Ended:
The Fashion Designer by fade000001
The Fashion Designerby Ms Fuijoa
Hello, fellow readers. This is a short story about a fashion designer who goes thorough one heck of a journey. It all started on a specific day with her pet companion, S...
Little miss murder by lost_writers_society
Little miss murderby 🌌
Lynn Cameron seems like a nice girl. She gets good grades, has a good relations with her parents and a nice boyfriend. But as human, she has her flaws. But, are they inn...