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Shawn Mendes One shots by Shawnshoodies
Shawn Mendes One shotsby Shawnshoodies
Short and long one shots for Shawn Mendes warning: some will contain smut, i will mark those chapters
HOCKEY MESS | Shawn Mendes fan fiction by mendesxarmys
HOCKEY MESS | Shawn Mendes fan mendesxarmys
Maddison has a pretty normal life until the mess that is Shawn Mendes enters her life. He keeps teasing her and she thinks he's annoying. Until she finds out who Shawn r...
Complicated love 🥀 // SM by Eyeofthestorm2
Complicated love 🥀 // SMby Muffin Girl
Started: November 2018 Finished: June 16 2019 Anna's POV "Ugh why is life so complicated" I said on the phone to my best friend Mara. Today has been the 67t...
FIX OUR FUTURE | Shawn Mendes fiction | Sequel of Hockey mess by mendesxarmys
FIX OUR FUTURE | Shawn Mendes mendesxarmys
« You really thought I could just move on from you? » Ex lovers, Maddie and Shawn reunite after 10 years. Was this reunion only a one night thing or could it be more th...
Best Friends? Or Something More? (S.M.) by 5soshawn
Best Friends? Or Something More? ( Summer
When Allison breaks up with her boyfriend Josh, only one person can comfort her; Shawn. But when they go to Magcon, will things change? The answer? Yes. But as Alli...
Hammered  by ourownworldofbooks
Hammered by Emma
"You're not going to that party Sophie, it's not your scene" He gripped my wrist as I tried to walk away, my head already swaying from the shots of vodka I'd d...
In Love With My Bestfriend by shawn_iseverything
In Love With My Bestfriendby shawn_iseverything
Shawn and Poppy has been best friends ever since they where born on the same day, in the same hospital, in the same year. He had always been there for her, through boyfr...
Uncertainty • Shawn Mendes by klllll343
Uncertainty • Shawn Mendesby holymendes💕
Sophie is a teenage girl with a rough life at home, and the only person keeping her grounded is her best friend Marie, but when the schools cheerleader captain has a new...
GOODBYE •sm by imaginemendes1
GOODBYE •smby imaginemendes1
And if all which it had passed before, had marked the continuation. And if all that they had meant, had not disappeared? And if love was stronger than friendship? What...
Stereotypical by marlie_goals
Stereotypicalby Maddy
Jade didn't really buy into the whole love thing she actually hated the very thought of it. She never really saw herself thrown over some guy, head over heals falling fo...
Pop star Love 💕 by shawnmendesimagines2
Pop star Love 💕by shawnmendesimagines2
Shawn's POV "Shawn!!"I heard Andrew yell from the other side of the room I quickly walked over to him "Yeah?"I replied looking at Andrews phone to se...
Romeo and Cinderella (Shawn Mendes fan-fic.) by CelestialMusic
Romeo and Cinderella (Shawn CelestialMusic
Thalia Grace Mellet is the 15 year old sister of the famous Troye Sivan and Tyde Levi Mellet.She is a famous actress and singer and is currently filming a Turkish soap-o...
Hey Honey by Shawn_mutual
Hey Honeyby Shawn_mutual
He is 22, He is Canadian and He lives all over the world and he's famous. He likes muffins and music She's 23, She's French and she lives in London, she's a beautician...
What if fame changed everything... (Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello) by Zel3599
What if fame changed Cameron Wilson
The story of a normal teenager who finds love in his best friend but at the same gets a huge opportunity to fulfill his dream. When life can't get any better for Austin...
Untold Truth by -_MilxD_-
Untold Truthby -_MilxD_-
Sabrina Rosewood is an 18 year old girl, that has been struggling with depression and anxiety. The only person that she is close with, is Madilyn James (her best friend)...
Imagination(SHAWN MENDES FANFIC) by breeharrisss
Imagination(SHAWN MENDES FANFIC)by shawnyboy
If you love shawn mendes as much as me! Youll love it! But i like him more...but you might still like it