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Silver Threads ↠ Matthew Fairchild [1] by cocastyle
Silver Threads ↠ Matthew kayla
"You don't love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear." ...
Bronze Love ↠ Matthew Fairchild [2] by cocastyle
Bronze Love ↠ Matthew Fairchild [2]by kayla
"The heart was made to be broken." Oscar Wilde ________________ "It hurts," she w...
Inferno ↠ Simon Lewis [1] by cocastyle
Inferno ↠ Simon Lewis [1]by kayla
"Soon the inferno will cease, leaving behind ashes here. And from the ashes will rise, a new world for me to see." ...
jemma in the beach LM extended scene by thungerpjo
jemma in the beach LM extended lightwood supremacist
Cassandra Clare posted this unedited scene from Lady Midnight in her Tumblr ( It belongs to Cassandra Clare, only to her
Shadowhunters | One shots by QueerBookworm38
Shadowhunters | One shotsby Bookworm
One shots of people from the shadowhunter chronicles and the ships. Cassandra Clare wrote the Shadowhunter Chronicles, so the characters and everything are all hers. Th...
Exit Signs I Missed (A Dark Artifices Fanfiction) ✔️ by ntlpurpolia
Exit Signs I Missed (A Dark 🇭🇰Nicole✝️Lam🇨🇦
Takes place right after Lady Midnight. Emma struggles to stay away from Julian; Julian struggles with Emma's feelings for him. • "She missed him. It was funny, re...
Shadowhunter Next Gen: Hunter Crisis by Matillym
Shadowhunter Next Gen: Hunter 💛
ON HOLD AT THE MOMENT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Wild Hunt have continuously been sabotaged in their quests; something keeps disturbing them. Unable to take it any more, th...
The Wicked Powers || Morgernthorn by H0neyBees1608
The Wicked Powers || Morgernthornby Sophia
This will include Kitty as well!!! I just haven't seen any Morgernthorn fanfics so I decided to write one because I am so excited for TWP!!!!!
Fanboy by Paperback-Princess
Fanboyby PaperbackPrincess
*Malec college/University AU .Incorporating Drarry aspects .Inspired by Rainbow Rowells Fangirl * !Currently being Redrafted! Alec Lightwood has been at college with his...
Keys to the Soul by kris_kringle1878
Keys to the Soulby kris_kringle1878
This fan fiction is an alternate version of the Mortal Instruments series. Mostly everything is the same and the plots remain. But I have added my own original character...
Facebook: TMI/TID/TDA Edition by thosefandomss
Facebook: TMI/TID/TDA Editionby Jillian
Now that the war is over, Team Good and the rest of the Shadow World have more spare time on their hands than before. What happens when Magnus creates a personal faceboo...
Eat Your Heart Out // Malec by Opheliac_
Eat Your Heart Out // Malecby ・:*✧ pershie ✧*:・
✓~ Who wants to live forever? Who dares to love forever?
Reflections (Malec) by 2GayNTired4This
Reflections (Malec)by 2GayNTired4This
Set immediately after the breakup. Alec reflects on his actions and the consequences. Originally posted under my old account Daughter-of-Raziel. Cover is not my artwork.
The Alphabet of Malec by NattyMalec
The Alphabet of Malecby NattyMalec
Who can resist Malec in every letter of the alphabet? Sometimes someone becomes your everything, from A-Z! (I found that on Tumblr, a user named Intangibel) This is my...