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X.O By GoShootMeDead Completed

Flash/Glee Crossover + Arrow

A Barry is Sebastian fic

Barry Allen thought he had left his past, as Sebastian Smythe, behind. 

But, as usual, when he least expects it, his lives as the arrogant and sly Sebastian Smythe and as the kind and adorable science nerd Barry Allen collide.

Ships/Pairings: Barry/Oliver (Olivarry)

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Bluepulse_1232 Bluepulse_1232 Aug 21, 2017
You could always say lover. It's also a mature way of saying boyfriend or soul mate
LeGeNdSNneverDIE LeGeNdSNneverDIE Nov 21, 2017
Words would delude me too if i saw him without a shirt 😍😍
HammerSisters HammerSisters Feb 18, 2018
When i first read this i was confused as to what was wrong lol
LoraChase LoraChase Dec 26, 2017
Holding back laughter so I don't die. Now I realized either way I'm going to die.
LoraChase LoraChase Dec 26, 2017
That would be me. Just omgs. Such a Barry Allen thing to say.
ProudHololsexual ProudHololsexual Jul 27, 2017
No frowny faces . . . *barely refrains from bursting out laughing*