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They're in love with ME?![μ's x Male Reader] {COMPLETE} by VoteForLoona
They're in love with ME?![μ's x VoteForLoona
I'm the type of person who wanted to live a normal life but at the same time I also wanted to live a life full of adventures but I didn't ask for any of this. I'm (L/N)...
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Lessons From Mr. Bad Boy |COMPLETED|✔ by qv33nwriter
Lessons From Mr. Bad Boy | -ˋˏd. rozeˎˊ-
C O M P L E T E D "Every Good Girl Needs A Bad Boy!" After getting an anonymous message from a male social media user, supposingly attending the same s...
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The Outcasts (BadassGirl/NerdyBoy) by 1DFandom16
The Outcasts (BadassGirl/NerdyBoy)by Mrs.Horan
"I-I-I can do the project for you and write your nam-me on it" he said a bit shy. "No, the teacher forced me to do it with you" I rolled my eyes. &qu...
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You Infuriate Me by MadeleineJ99
You Infuriate Meby MadeleineJ99
Lucas moved to New York from Texas last year, and ever since there's been one girl who always seems to get under his skin. And this girls name, is Maya Hart. Lucas hat...
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MINT by bryonymagee
MINTby Bryony Leah
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plethora of poems by mjoconnell
plethora of poemsby Molly
here lies all the poems i've written for school in the past few years, i surprisingly don't hate them all.
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Fate Rewrite by bnlusk91711
Fate Rewriteby B.N. Lusk and M.N. Casstevens
"Don't fall in love." He whispers in my ear, sending a shiver down my spine. "Why?" I gasp, keeping my eyes closed. "Because everything that...
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Art Book of 2019 by TKDitto613
Art Book of 2019by Ditto
This is the art book for the year of 2019, I hope you enjoy all of the art I put in it for your entertainment.
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Rockin' Through the Rock Cycle by TheKingdomOfHyrule
Rockin' Through the Rock Cycleby Kat
This short story describes a rock's experiences from magma to metamorphic as it undergoes the rock cycle. (I was required to creatively portray the rock cycle and includ...
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An Illicit Love Story by Cry_Me_An_Ocean
An Illicit Love Storyby 💙HalseyxEvan💙
Co-written by: @Hayle_lov *Riley Angler meets Oakley Schnider, and they fall in love. but it's illegal because humanity is dying quickly, In a world where being homosexu...
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An Illicit Love Story by Hayle_Lov
An Illicit Love Storyby Hayle Rose
Riley and Oakley really want to be together but being gay is against the law. They have an amazing but sad and scary love story. Follow them through their hard times. I...
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My deaf brother  by mailbear101
My deaf brother by mailbear101
Morgan's life is crazy. With a deaf brother and a hearing brother life is a adventure. And some times you can get mix signals. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
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-Is This What You Call Love?- Love Live x Male Reader by Itzoopizplayz
-Is This What You Call Love?- Mike_MuRi
AYEEEEE plz don't read this trash. I suck at writing :( I'm not that creative too hehe
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Winter's art scroll by WintertheArtist
Winter's art scrollby Prince Winter
-Finished art book from February 25th 2017- July 14th 2018- Art book full of requests, dragons, wings of fire, improvement, and aggressive comments towards the aduience ...
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the project ¡ nyongtory by PR3ClOUS
the project ¡ nyongtoryby precious
in which one school project made a boy fall in love. @PR3ClOUS 2018 - 2018 | completed
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New Age by renee_uknown
New Ageby RachelBaker 🌍🖊
She didn't know that life will go against so much. Everything she believed in and was preached to her was all a lie. Even her own life was a lie. Lyric Forest, at age 1...
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Naive by Mich_ngo15
Naiveby Mich.igan
[THIS IS A SCHOOL ASSIGNMENT. PLEASE DON'T TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY] Puppy Love. Who hasn't experienced it? We all get a shot of it at some point in our lives. Everyone has t...
Schoolproject Finn W. x Reader by finnywolfyhardx
Schoolproject Finn W. x Readerby finnywolfyhardx
✔COMPLETE✔ we just got a boring schoolproject until you got to meet the Stranger Things cast. And then you met that boy. That one boy.
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Love Live: School Idol Project - Hope by holly_louise29
Love Live: School Idol Project - Holly
A fan fiction based on one of my favourite anime series, focusing on what might've happened if Otonokizaka High had closed down. And a little Nozo x Eli fluff at the end...
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 μ's x Aqours (The meet of the Two Goddesses) by peach_pengu
μ's x Aqours (The meet of the Twicezone on repeat
μ's disbanded, and with that. Love live has not been alive. And years pass, A new School Idol has been Born. Named, Aqours. Chika, their leader idolized μ's and it beco...
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