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Blind Journey (Blind Love Sequel) (Yang x BlindMaleReader) by GiexesAdris
Blind Journey (Blind Love Sequel) Christopher Umbra
The story continues... (y/n) continues his journey with Yang in search for what they're missing. How will this all end for the two of them... "I can give you exactl...
Cold Hearted (Blake x Reader x Yang) by GiexesAdris
Cold Hearted (Blake x Reader x Christopher Umbra
Before Beacon's second semester begins, RWBY is sent on a mission to capture a certain someone. On the top of the now frozen mountain, resides someone who'll change both...
The Yellow Fatal Blow! (Heart Broken Lesbian Yang X Delinquent Male Reader) by GasmSenpai
The Yellow Fatal Blow! (Heart GasmSenpai
Yang's in love with Coco Adel but it seems unrequited. One day, a gang war occurred while Yang was driving through the city of Vale. I do not own any art. RWBY is owned...
A Story of Ice Cream and Fire (Neo x Reader x Yang) by GiexesAdris
A Story of Ice Cream and Fire ( Christopher Umbra
Set in the normal world where no Grimm exists. (y/n) gets a blast from the past and a certain someone doesn't like it one bit.
Depressing RWBY One Shots by annabelladonna14
Depressing RWBY One Shotsby Annabel
We were discussing RWBY one night when Nicole came up with a bunch of depressing and weird alternate endings for RWBY characters. Here are the best one-shots we have.
Let Me Be Your Bumblebee (NSFW) by yagamiweeb
Let Me Be Your Bumblebee (NSFW)by ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Blake is madly in love with Yang and tries her best to grab her attention. Whilst doing so, Something terribly wrong has happened between all the teams and all loose fai...
Adam taurus vs the world  by adamtaurus21
Adam taurus vs the world by Kat
In this story Adam will be faced with many different scenarios that the world will throw at him, you will see many characters from RWBY and maybe a few ocs Art from this...
You Have Awoken Me (RWBY OneShort Story)  by XYangXiaoLongX
You Have Awoken Me (RWBY Yang Xiao Long
This is where Yang unleashed her demonic side of her when Cinder and Adam hurting her little sister Ruby Rose during the battle of Heaven
Remnant City Au. by Seventh_angel
Remnant City Seventh_angel
Remnant City, home of the young Ruby Rose. On the outside the city seems like a modern day fairy tale but this city has a dark side, one with discrimination and crime. F...
The Mercenary  by XYangXiaoLongX
The Mercenary by Yang Xiao Long
This is Yang as Mercenary in RWBY Mercenary AU. Her Backstory, Her new weapon and semblance
Images of Yang in Rage of the Dragon Form (RWBY: ROTD AU)  by XYangXiaoLongX
Images of Yang in Rage of the Yang Xiao Long
These are the images of Yang in Rage of the dragon form. Edits goes by me : ) Yang Xiao Long belongs to RWBY RWBY belongs to Rooster Teeth
 RWBY - The Vendetta's Web by Soundlessmusicbox
RWBY - The Vendetta's Webby The Soundless Music box
A little excerpt from one of many chapters.. 'You, boy!' yelled the voice, he then pressed a button, watching the weapon charge up quickly. 'Finish the job' it quickly g...
thorns (Adam x Ruby)  by adamtaurus21
thorns (Adam x Ruby) by Kat
This is a story based from an rp I'm currently doing with @rosestardust.84 (Instagram) I'll update as and when more things happen in the rp