The Evil Within Boyfriend Scenarios  by zombielover8469
The Evil Within Boyfriend zombielover8469
I love this game. Just, all time favorite. All the characters I adore. Leslie is to die for!!So why not make a scenario book?! It might not get many views but oh well. X...
  • boyfriend
  • leslie
  • ruvik
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❝CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME HOW A FAMOUS BALLERINA IS FRIENDS WITH A FAMOUS FOOTBALLER❞ Lennox Rousseau's past catches up to her when her estranged friendship with multip...
  • england
  • worldcup
  • football
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Estoy loco•OMB[1] by _dxliah_
Estoy loco•OMB[1]by _Shadow_
Alexis a black rose. Alexis a burning castle. Alexis loco. Netflix series {On My Block} Cesar Diaz x oc ...
  • oscar
  • ruben
  • monse
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Mi tío  by Dxddy_Doblxs
Mi tío by sнα∂y
Abuso de mi a los 14, ahora esta de regreso
  • doblas
  • elrubiuswtf
  • elrubius
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Enamorada de un sicario by Rubencio_girl
Enamorada de un sicarioby ✨Liz✨
Espero que les guste❤️
  • rubendoblas
  • sicario
  • rubius
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Instagram [r.d.g] |#PremiosElRubius2016 | #PremiosRubencio by alltheloveforyoubae
Instagram [r.d.g] | Vxlx
Esto es lo que pasa cuando tu hermanita menor toma tu cuenta de Instagram sin tu permiso solo por que eres alguien "famosa" y empieza a seguir a su ídolo.
  • ternura
  • sociales
  • fans
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Mi obsesión by Rubencio_girl
Mi obsesiónby ✨Liz✨
"Sácame de aquí por favor" Decidi cambiar el titulo✨
  • rubenfanfiction
  • rubius
  • obsesión
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On my block imagines  by moonlightGarroth
On my block imagines by moonlightGarroth
This is a category of imagines or oneshots for the Netflix original series On my block. Enjoy and I don't own these characters.
  • ruben
  • monse
  • olivia
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On my block imagines!! by buckyslight
On my block imagines!!by PTV♡
Taking request! I DON'T OWN ON MY BLOCK OR ANY OF ITS CHARACTERS!!! Highest Ranking: #1 in Ruben
  • imagines
  • cesardiaz
  • ruben
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Feelings ♡ Cesar Diaz by icy_kay
Feelings ♡ Cesar Diazby kailani
Alianna is from the Bay Area. After an incident at her school, she gets sent to Freeridge to live with her cousin Monse. Alianna feels that her time will be horrible the...
  • latrelle
  • diego
  • cesardiaz
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Mujer Santa (Oscar Diaz)  by pacifyjas
Mujer Santa (Oscar Diaz) by Jas
"See, I'm a holy woman, I know what it's like to give life to a being without ever needing to press skin against one another." - "In squad we trust"...
  • ruben
  • cesardiaz
  • oscardiaz
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On My Block imagines by teenageHippy
On My Block imaginesby Jane doe
I love this show, and I think it's good that Netflix is finally getting things that are diverse! . . . -Oscar -Jamal -Ruby -Cesar -Will do girls if requested :))
  • ceaser
  • olivia
  • gangs
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Sitting in Silence by Mb_king
Sitting in Silenceby Mb_king
The kind of love that only exists in books.
  • chelsea
  • london
  • loftuscheek
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roommates  by Dxddy_Doblxs
roommates by sнα∂y
[Terminada] Donde tu compañero de piso es el chico más popular de la universidad.. Ruben Doblas
  • auron
  • auronplay
  • ruben
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¿porque yo? by Rubencio_girl
¿porque yo?by ✨Liz✨
"Porque yo?!?!? Porque me elegiste a mi un mounstro no entiendes que alguien como yo no puede estar contigo tu eres una princesa y yo un mounstro una maquina que as...
  • rubius
  • ruben
  • porqueyo
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On My Block x reader : Imagines by MysticalRosie
On My Block x reader : Imaginesby MysticalRosie
A book of imagines for OMB characters. May contain spoilers, there will be a warning on the imagine if so. NOTE: I DO NOT OWN CHARACTERS FROM ON MY BLOCK. THE CHARACTERS...
  • monse
  • onmyblock
  • jamal
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Stevie Fucking Insane by sunnysuljic
Stevie Fucking Insaneby Fuckshit
"Zoomer? Why do they call you that?" "Because people think I move too much and zooming helps me get out of situations faster." #2 in #sunnysuljic
  • mid90s
  • fuckshit
  • ray
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Fall.Get Back Up.(A Mid90s book Stevie x reader) by sunburnnnn
Fall.Get Back Up.(A Mid90s book ven
y/n has had a tough life growing up, but when she meets the gang, everything changes. Especially when she meets Stevie. ^^CREDIT TO THE MOVIE, JONAH HILL, AND ACTORS.^^
  • stevie
  • fourthgrade
  • estee
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Losin' Control • Ruben Martinez by MidnxghtMoonlight
Losin' Control • Ruben Martinezby Midnxght
"Despite her past, she can't help the attraction He tells her that he's nothing like the last one He redefines in every way what love is She fell for him and hasn't...
  • rubenmartinez
  • fanfic
  • olivia
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Hopeloos 3 by -FantasyWriter-
Hopeloos 3by Esmée
Het heeft lang geduurd voordat Ruben opnieuw werd opgepakt en het duurde nog langer voordat hij voor de rechter kwam. Nu, na een jaar is het dan zo ver en is het proces...
  • hopeloos
  • rechtszaak
  • gevangen
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