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Ben10 human girls x male reader by gentelmanbeast
Ben10 human girls x male readerby gentelmanbeast
Series of oneshots including human females from Ben 10 series.
Ben 10 Alien Girls x male reader by gentelmanbeast
Ben 10 Alien Girls x male readerby gentelmanbeast
Series of oneshots including alien females from Ben 10 series.
Rise of The Shadow Monarch  by Ciel-Binns
Rise of The Shadow Monarch by Ciel Binns
In this universe, Gwen had found the Omnitrix while also gaining her anodite abilities, but what about Ben Tennyson? Left powerless, Ben is reborn and now strives to pro...
The Second Wielder | Ben Tennyson by auspicious_lilana
The Second Wielder | Ben Tennysonby 𝓙𝓾𝓼𝓽 𝓬𝓪𝓵𝓵 𝓶𝓮 𝓛𝓲𝓵...
After spending 6 years of being in love with her best friend, Ben Tennyson. Jenny had finally won his heart and were happily dating. Right when they thought they were l...
Protocol OBT - OmnitrixBen10 by HaweeWrite
Protocol OBT - OmnitrixBen10by Hawee
Ben Tennyson, legendary hero of the galaxy and the most powerful weapon universe. Now must learn about this new Omnitrix which is himself. *Story based on the Omnitrix B...
Mothra - Ben 10: Omniverse (Ongoing) by AlexNeko_990
Mothra - Ben 10: Omniverse ( AlexNeko_990
Mothra (Ongoing) ⏳ --- Lunaris Frost, or Luna has a lot questions, that are just left unknown to him. Why was the first thing he remembered ever since being born, was th...
Jen 10 Omniverse  by suzienurias
Jen 10 Omniverse by suzienurias
***Slow updates*** So this takes place during the omniverse time-line but yes some characters will be genderbend (yes I know the story cover is just the team and not a J...
Ben 10xFemale!Reader by MysticTenshi
Ben 10xFemale!Readerby MysticTenshi
Azmyth made a second watch after the creation of the Omnitrix. You are a girl thats on her own, what happens when you team up with Ben Tennyson and Rook Blonko? Read to...
Ballet Shoes by DJJordanne
Ballet Shoesby DJJordanne
"Ben?" "Yeah Rook?" "What are these?" All the colour drained from Ben's face when his eyes landed on the items in Rook's hands. His ballet...
Forever Partners  by kaj_pyro15
Forever Partners by kaj_pyro15
After a mission Ben Tennyson and his partner Rook Blonko get a little down time and relax with each other a bit.
Ben's Expensive Hobby by DJJordanne
Ben's Expensive Hobbyby DJJordanne
Ever wonder where Ben's spare cash goes aside from his beloved Sumo Slammers? It goes into his hobbies of course! Well, his one hobby to be exact. But what hobby could B...
El Llamado by BlackOperator
El Llamadoby Ghost
Aquella noche donde la luna brillaba tan intensamente, sería una que ni Ben ni Rook podrían olvidar. Menos con tan curiosos visitantes. Pero algo parece estar mal con e...
Ben 10 x Rwby by Silverghoul00
Ben 10 x Rwbyby Silver Ghoul
Ben 10 and Rwby crossover. Ben , Albedo, Rook and generator rex, find themselves in the world of remnant and have to work together to somehow make it back to there dimen...
(BenxRook) Ben's Secret that we are going to see that no one know! by Love2to6read6
(BenxRook) Ben's Secret that we Wolf
Ben Tennyson who is owner of Omnitrix was meeting his alien partner who by the way is his boyfriend too at the Mr. Smoothie. As Ben was about to tell his deeply secret t...
The King and his Rook (Ben 10) by P0IS0N-IVY
The King and his Rook (Ben 10)by P0IS0N-IVY
Boy x Boy Don't like don't read. While I'm not exactly a huge fan of the omniverse series I am a huge fan of Rook Blonko. The idea is to have a three member team again...
Ben 10 Oneshots + Imagines by sentpri
Ben 10 Oneshots + Imaginesby eri
Self-explanatory; I write for all four Ben 10 Series. I'll probably mostly write BenRook and Gwevin unless I get requests for something else. That being said, requests a...
Long Overdue by DJJordanne
Long Overdueby DJJordanne
Ben's been neglecting himself more so than usual. The effects of that clear as day. Everyone could see that something is wrong but Ben refused to admit it despite knowin...
Ben Tennyson x Alkia(OC) by HcaxlHOB
Ben Tennyson x Alkia(OC)by hcaxl-hob
Alkia has known Ben for about 2 years and vice versa. But, soon after Ben got his new Omnitrix, Alkia had to move away from Bellwood due to her parents getting a job out...
Ben 10: Vilgax Returns by Titan826
Ben 10: Vilgax Returnsby Titan826
Vilgax returns! Ben 10 must assemble a team to take on Vilgax and his other enemies! This story is part of the Galactic Titans universe. To read the full saga in chronol...
Guess the Ben 10 character or alien by lucydragon655
Guess the Ben 10 character or alienby スガ
What the title says and the idea is mine but the picture and description isn't mine. It's going to be like my other guess story but the picture of the alien will be on t...