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Dear Mr Ambrose by maryambrosee
Dear Mr Ambroseby Mary Ambrose
[Highest rank: #1 in S&S fanfiction.] Storm and Silence one shots written in dialogues. What would have happened if Lilly and Rikkard lived in the 21st century London? ...
My Miser  +A Storm & Silence Fanfiction+ by aisha1dx
My Miser +A Storm & Silence Fanfi...by Aisha
"When I stepped on land, I thought I was safe from drowning but when I look into your eyes, I'm not sure anymore." -Lilly Linton "She felt like a crate of...
Storm and Silence by RobThier
Storm and Silenceby Robert Thier
"It is your choice," he said, stepping so close to me that our lips were almost touching. "Either do what I say - or get another job." My heart s...
Storm and Silence Fanfic by hamilfan123987
Storm and Silence Fanficby hamilfan123987
These characters belong to RobTheir. Before reading this story, read his books, Storm and Silence, In the Eye of the Storm, and Silence is Golden, otherwise, the story...
Of Silence And Roaring Storms by LightxShadow
Of Silence And Roaring Stormsby Yuu
A book compiling of one-shots, with the main ship as Lilly Linton & Rikkard Ambrose. Purely fanfiction only, before reading this do go read 'Storm and Silence', 'In The...
One Fateful Addiction To A Certain Stormy Series - Storm and Silence FanFiction by anaveragewriter123
One Fateful Addiction To A Certain...by ♥︎ Belle ♥︎
Storm and Silence there aren't enough words to describe how amazing the book is in general. They also can't stop getting better and better as the sequel In The Eye Of Th...
Safe and Sound by mariyaisme
Safe and Soundby Mariya
The night was dangerous. The roaring thunder, piercing lightning, stormy wind and excessive rainfall did nothing but made the night all the more dangerous. But I wasn't...
Storm And Silence- Ambrose POV (fanfic) by winchester_betty
Storm And Silence- Ambrose POV (fa...by Bennett kujur
"Fine, The position is yours." This little sentence did a great job in silencing the beast. She went into a trance or something with wide eyes and open mouth. ...
 At First Glance (Storm and Silence Fanfiction) by Kellie_McAloon
At First Glance (Storm and Silenc...by Kellie_McAloon
What would happen if Lilly and Mr. Ambrose couldn't be together? What would happen if Dalgliesh made Mr. Ambrose push Lilly away so she wouldn't get hurt? Would Lilly ri...
Her Storm His Silence-A Storm & Silence Fan Fiction by SuperGurl1998
Her Storm His Silence-A Storm & Si...by /Sheisfire&ice/
'Mr.Linton? Is everything alright? I believe you look quite ill than usual,' his calm yet slightly distressed voice echoed through the walls of his office. I could bar...
Torn in the Storm - Storm and Silence Fanfiction by Lilacis
Torn in the Storm - Storm and Sile...by Lilacis
What will happen when Lily and Mr Ambrose finds themselves in more danger than they could possibly dream. Find out the answer to what Lord Dalgliesh will do to uncover t...
Everything Lambrose by AnnaBear_4
Everything Lambroseby Anandi
Wednesday where art thou!? If you have been reading the storm and silence saga(and have stumbled upon this fanfic ;) then you know the oh so torturous days leaving up t...
Wildest Dreams by aquila87
Wildest Dreamsby aquila87
A series of Storm and Silence one shots ~~~ It was the warmth that he remembered the most. She was warm, so warm. Like a glowing hearth providing relief to a weary tra...
The Brewing Storm by AnnasLaLaLand
The Brewing Stormby AnnasLaLaLand
In this modern take of the acclaimed series by Rob Thier, Lily and Rikkard's adventure takes place in a quaint mountain town that hides its own secrets. It is the same c...
Gold & Gunpowder (HIATUS) by ntlpurpolia
Gold & Gunpowder (HIATUS)by 🇭🇰Nicole✝️Lam🇨🇦
LILLY AND AMBROSE. IFRIT AND CHAUVINIST. THE LAMBROSE YOU KNOW AND LOVE... THEY'RE JUST IN THE WILD WEST. San Francisco, California. 1869. Lilly Linton, staunch suffrage...
Ambrosian Style🎩 by Dagirlything3
Ambrosian Style🎩by Da girly thing:3
***18+*** This book is a fanfic of Storm and Silence series. It contains a lot of mature scenes(for those who want to read YA KNOW WHAT *wiggles eyebrows*). All charac...
The Silent Prince  by ntlpurpolia
The Silent Prince by 🇭🇰Nicole✝️Lam🇨🇦
Lambrose Cinderella AU: RIKKARD AMBROSE is the prince of Battlewood. His mother, the queen, wants him to marry and produce heirs, but all he wants to produce is profit...
A Lill' Trouble by Angelvoice1421
A Lill' Troubleby Lady S
What happens when Lilly finally gets caught in her own web of lies? Basically everything belongs to Rob Thier and his Storm and Silence Saga. Yay for Wednesday updates...
IFRIT'S TALES - a storm & silence series fanfictions by MayFMontenegro
IFRIT'S TALES - a storm & silence...by May FMontenegro
Hello my dear Ifrits, I don't own this series, they belong to The handsome Sir Robert Thier. This is just fanfictions and drabbles made by me :) hope you like it. I spea...
Storm And Silence Discovering the power of the internet! by BlazedDonuts
Storm And Silence Discovering the...by wess
HEEEEEEEEEELLLOOOOOO MY FELLOW IFRITS! There is only ONE reason you're here and that reason is probably because our wonderful Sir Rob hasn't updated 'In the eye of the S...