My Miser  +A Storm & Silence Fanfiction+

My Miser +A Storm & Silence Fanfiction+

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Aisha By aisha1dx Updated Aug 15, 2018

"When I stepped on land, I thought I was safe from drowning but when I look into your eyes, I'm not sure anymore." -Lilly Linton

"She felt like a crate of diamonds wrapped in cashmere blankets. Soft. Precious. Something I never, ever wanted to let go of." -Rikkard Ambrose

It's clear as day they both have feelings for each other and yet they keep denying it. They keep me up all night wondering what is going to happen. If it's the same with, you are at the right place my friend! 

This book contains one shots, Ambrose POV for some chapter, future one shots and more! 

PS. I know you're here on a non-wednesday day. ;) 

*all the characters belong to Rob Their, the original writer of these books. If you haven't read them yet, boy are you wasting your life. Go now!