REALITA YANG TAK TERCIPTAby rafi mufti wijaya
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Game Of Lightning by Awesome-Peeps
Game Of Lightningby The Rangers
DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE ABILITIES WE ARE BORN WITH (:)(:)(:) Aralynn and Kade are back and eviler than ever. What happens when they want a secret spell that...
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Real vs. Fake by JarvishShah
Real vs. Fakeby Jarvish Shah
Public wants the strength and hope, the REEL wants the money and money. REEL can reach to the worst point for votes and power. Experience makes you passionate, but here...
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Please, listen to me! by HaneefahZ
Please, listen to me!by Hanifah N.A
Rafi tidak mau mendengar apapun yang diucapkan Amy. Tapi, Amy ingin Rafi mendengar semua apa yang diucapkannya. Bagaimana cara Amy untuk membuat Rafi mau mendengarkannya...
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~The Phoenix Dimension~ by HopesAndDespairs
~The Phoenix Dimension~by AyamBakar
This character of this story is dedicated to my friends and myself XD, this story will have a fusing with Naruto Shippuden and Yandere Simulator powers... the main place...
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Skin by DonLino
Skinby The Chosen One
In the near future, a new product is invented that has swept the nation, no, the world. Its called Skin, an outer layer you attach to anything to change the way it look...
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