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A Wonderful Sin by KeiFushijine
A Wonderful Sinby ᕲᘿᘻᓍᘉ
《(Y/n) (L/n), died of suicide at age 18, leaving all her friends behind. After her death, she awoke in a place that the dominant color was red. Of course, she immidiatel...
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⊱《Sugar ⍎ Daddy》⊰  [Alastor x Fem!Reader] by xxAstrixZxx
⊱《Sugar ⍎ Daddy》⊰ [Alastor x xxAstrixZxx
[COMPLETE] (Commemorating 300 follower Milestone! Thank you Everyone ♡) [If you are not one for mystery and suggestive topics, please do not read this book. This isn't a...
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Alastor x Reader Oneshots by DearMissRelatable
Alastor x Reader Oneshotsby DearMrsRelatable
Alastor x Reader Oneshots from the show 'Hazbin Hotel' <3 ~ Art does not belong to me unless I clearly say it does ~ Hazbin Hotel belongs to Vivziepop ...
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Forgot to be in love - Alastor x reader  by TheOnlyGamerGost
Forgot to be in love - Alastor x A Spoopy Gost
You woke up in an unknown hotel room, not knowing where you were ...little did you know you actually have been living there for a few years and, most importantly, you fo...
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Refrain | Alastor x Reader by -bandaid
Refrain | Alastor x Readerby RIN — CHAN
➡️ You worked at the Happy Hotel. It wasn't much work since not a single soul has entered this place since it got built. At least you had a few friends suffering with yo...
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The man with half a heart.        Alastor x reader by Litttlebrrat
The man with half a Frangiee 🐞
"Do you promise to never leave my side?" You hesitate to answer his question, his closeness making it harder to breathe. "Y/n.. did you hear me?" &qu...
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golden | alastor x reader by dooxdle
golden | alastor x readerby j
the daughter of god, the symbol of peace, prosperity and happiness amongst the angels. holding such divine power comes with it's consequences, those of which being want...
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𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐬. || Alastor x Reader by SukiSoup
𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐬. || Alastor x Soup🗿
"You warm my heart, darling." "Shut up before I stab you in it, Honey." "Oh, how cruel! Would you really do that to me, My love?" "Th...
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Strawberry Pimp (Alastor x reader) by Rebeckllious
Strawberry Pimp (Alastor x reader)by RC
[Y-N] ends up in hell but what for? She is scared and afraid, but besides from her innocent personality. She is very powerful to begin with, though she doesn't know it y...
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Alastor x Reader | Regret  by kanbra
Alastor x Reader | Regret by Kan
"I'm TIRED ALASTOR! This is your final offer. It's between me or this hotel!!" "I'm sorry (y/n) but the hotel is my final choice. Believe it or not but I...
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Painting With Blood (Alastor x Fem! Reader) by p3r5on
Painting With Blood (Alastor x Husker Boi
Alastor x Fem! Reader The serial killer of New Orleans, Alastor, has noticed that there have been murders that he didn't do. Then he runs into (Y/n) a painter, they beco...
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Triangle Love (Alastor × Reader × Angel) by Teddy_Bones
Triangle Love (Alastor × Reader × Ticking Teddy
I dedicate this whole story to @Samthemonster! I'm only doing this cause I care for them! But other wise enjoy! XD (Also, this will not follow the plot/show/whatever you...
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Field of Oleanders || Alastor x Female Reader by FullOfDreems
Field of Oleanders || Alastor x Quinoa ze German
I didn't know Hell existed until I became imprisoned within it with other sinners. Might as well make the best of it, for now... [----------------------] .•°||Warning!:...
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Love vs Sanity (An Alastor x Reader story) by JackyllnHyde
Love vs Sanity (An Alastor x Jackyll
(Y/n), a normal teenage girl living a comfortable sub-urban life. Supporting friends and family along with good grades in school. Until she meets the powerful Radio Demo...
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Wretched Royalty (Alastor x Reader) by phantomscribbler
Wretched Royalty (Alastor x Reader)by ⓜⓐⓡⓘⓐ
(Name) Magne is the second princess of Hell. With her older sister, Charlie moving out, she was left burdened with her sister's supposed duties and responsibilities. (Na...
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Hazbin Hotel by -Pink_Cheeks-
Hazbin Hotelby 👑
A rp book so you can talk with them and stuff
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To innocent for the world (an angel dust x alastor)   by Flameingmaxwell
To innocent for the world (an Snow_loves_ships123
Angel was in his room when he heard running footsteps coming down the hallway, then his door swung open to reveal Charlie "angel we need you to come and..." _...
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Crimson Hues (Alastor x Angel of Death!Reader) by EllaAspenFrost
Crimson Hues (Alastor x Angel of Ella Frost
Alastor wasn't known for his affectionate nature, not in life and certainly not in death. So imagine the great Radio Demon's surprise when arguably the only person he ev...
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I'm Asexual But I Love You by InsertCustomName
I'm Asexual But I Love Youby *insert custom name*
An AlastorxAngel Dust Story (note: these characters do not belong to me. They belong to Vivziepop.) (another note: the cover art does not belong to me either, I don't kn...
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My little fawn by cucupuffs
My little fawnby cucupuffs
Alastor has a daughter, she finds him at the hotel and stays with him. Everyone was confused and shocked. Where has she been the whole time? She's only 7 years old. She...
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