Alastor x Reader | Regret

Alastor x Reader | Regret

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Kan By kanbra Updated 2 days ago

"I'm TIRED ALASTOR! This is your final offer. It's between me or this hotel!!" 

"I'm sorry (y/n) but the hotel is my final choice. Believe it or not but I'm in love with Charlie."

Y/n was Alastor partner in crime back when they were alive. They shared countless killing sprees together. Promising each other that they will be the best of friends even in the afterlife. Things changed quickly when Alastor meets Charlie. Alastor slowly starts to forget about y/n. Leaving y/n all alone. Will Alastor realize his own mistake before y/n finds someone new or before the next extermination hits

(Huge alteration from the pilot. Please don't be mad but this was in my draft before the pilot came out and I just started editing it. This is also my first story so please enjoy <3 )