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Bound by Blood by OwlieCat
Bound by Bloodby SG Gardner
When Ari touches a cursed artifact and becomes possessed by a powerful spell, he must find a way to control it or risk losing himself and the half-vampire he loves. ...
THE RHYTHM OF US: RYEJI by IknowthatYouknow17
THE RHYTHM OF US: RYEJIby I know that You know
WRITTEN IN ENGLISH (GXG) "The Rhythm of Us" is a captivating story of friendship, tension, and the delicate dance between loyalty and love. Follow the journey...
Sinful Discovery by CriticallyIntense
Sinful Discoveryby MenaGood_
THIS IS NOT A PAID STORY. ONLY THE STORY BRANCHES ARE. YOU CAN READ THE ENTIRE BOOK FOR FREE. NOTE: This book contains intense internalized homophobia, little abuse of...
Coming Home [Completed] by ewwwdavid
Coming Home [Completed]by Sean Woods
Eight months after the events of "Only To Feel This Fully," Charlie Holloway has his rock bottom. He's come out in the worst way possible and will soon have to...
The Consequences of Falling In Love by Fizaxbieber
The Consequences of Falling In Loveby fiza
"That's like inviting death with open arms. Why would you do that?" "Was hoping to get saved by someone." In which two sworn enemies bear the consequ...
Sugar Boo by Ryz1234
Sugar Booby Ryz Izzle
(boyxboy) Two opposite, a sensitive loner - Andrew Landry, and the top athlete, big flirt - Ethan Cushing have been best friends since childhood. Despite being an intro...
Our Love by KhusheeTaneja
Our Loveby Khushee Taneja
It doesn't matters who you love, if that person reciprocates your feeling. Sometimes being, or getting things to be legal, doesn't help with the problem. It's the accept...
His Sunflower🌻 by ellysiian_vibes
His Sunflower🌻by EllysiianVibes
"I refuse to let you do this." "Why, Papa?" "What do you mean why?! I won't let you spoil the name of our family. Wake up Ishaan and be a man.&q...
[C] Our Gravity (Wonjin/Hyeongjun) by neleya
[C] Our Gravity (Wonjin/Hyeongjun)by ashe
Living in a two-planet world with dual gravity, Wonjin, a teenager from Down Below meets Hyeongjun, a kid from Up Top.
My Bench Boy (On Hold) by CriticallyIntense
My Bench Boy (On Hold)by MenaGood_
Colton Peters is the smallest boy in the lacrosse team, people wonder why he's even in the team because he never gets to play and is always on the bench. Being on the be...
Paired With The Potterhead by Kersten_Noelle
Paired With The Potterheadby Kersten Noelle
Laney Rubia is paired up with the most unlikely partner for her English class. Nora "The Nerd" Lovegood. Known as the school's resident nerd and diehard Harr...
Stumbling Backward(JOOKYUN✔️) by painted_kyun
Stumbling Backward(JOOKYUN✔️)by don't uwu @ me
Changkyun, a young man who lacks the basic social skills to even make a friend, stumbles upon Jooheon too many times for it to be dumb luck. Maybe, just maybe, Jooheon i...
Autumn (GirlxGirl) | #FREETHESKITTLES by ofmonstersnmen
Autumn (GirlxGirl) | carraway.
What started as something so simple as meeting a possible human bear in the middle of the woods, turned out to be the greatest life Winter McCaslin could have ever had...
A Paige and Holly Fan-Fiction: Unapologetically Yours🌈 by realmofkindness
A Paige and Holly Fan-Fiction: Henna
University didn't seem so boring when one-day Drop-dead Beautiful Holly Earith, encounters Exceptionally driven soccer athlete Paige Howard, will that be a mere accident...
In His Embrace :  Concubine Series   by strdst_arcane
In His Embrace : Concubine shermeyn
R-🔞 | this story is not suitable for ages bellow 16!!! Note: -read at your own risk, be sure to get consent from guardians. -description for the story isnt made yet
Golden Heart: A Gay Fantasy by zelunasblessing
Golden Heart: A Gay Fantasyby Ren
🌙 A twist on a classic tale. The Moon Prince of Umbra is forced into an arranged marriage and runs away, only then to be taken by a dragon for his golden eyes.💫
Someday, I'll Find My Way Home by eroplane
Someday, I'll Find My Way Homeby Gilderoy 🏳️‍🌈
Karl and Axel are destined to become best friends since their first day of classes at the University of the Philippines Los Baños. Straight out of the province, Karl pre...
Scum of the Earth ⇀ Ginny Weasley by microwavedcoffee
Scum of the Earth ⇀ Ginny Weasleyby microwavedcoffee
❝I didn't know that I could get this low.❞ Alone, for the first time in eight years, Pansy Parkinson stood on the edge of the platform, away from the early families tha...
Townes and Caia, Caia and Townes | ✓ by -linnwrites
Townes and Caia, Caia and Townes | linn
[a short story] Two girls. One heartbreak.
Puri by hyperever
Puriby meow
It was the 1800s and the Philippines is under the colony of the Kingdom of Spain. Sofia Castilla, the only child of the Chief Justice, is set to marry Antonio Colombo...