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Little Red Riot by Ibitsuchan
Little Red Riotby Kiri
Kirishima and Bakugou are roommates, living the average new pro-hero life but Kirishima's sexuality is driving Bakugou crazy. Are they really just bros or is there somet...
Radiodust (Alastor X Angel Dust) Smut -Hazbin Hotel- by The_big_sad_404
Radiodust (Alastor X Angel Dust) Nope
This is my first story thing on here so, yeah! hope you enjoy!
Snape the Submissive by sevsnapetales
Snape the Submissiveby Severus Snape Tales
Y/n is professor snape's assistant, and you slip him a bit of veritaserum to reveal a new side of him you hadn't expected. *Another drunk fic *Dont mix wine and white cl...
A Library Fling by sevsnapetales
A Library Flingby Severus Snape Tales
You are the new Hogwarts librarian, and the object of your affection is the potions professor. *I am drunk and j don't know what I just wrote but here it is. *Its smut
A random Hannigram Smut  by ThatSmutieWriter
A random Hannigram Smut by ThatSmutieWriter
Just a smut of hannigram (Hannibal Lecter x Will Graham) /!\ TW /!\ sex, kinda really soft bdsm (dom/sub), TOTALY NSFW/!\ Also: Pov of will Out of character, kinda AU...
But i was alive -young Remus Lupin by lostinsadwords
But i was alive -young Remus Lupinby theodora
Updates every day or every two days! "He was the sun and she was the moon" Theodora shifts to Hogwarts and attempts to save everyone, but failing to rescue her...
You Are Mine Always by Phannah2022
You Are Mine Alwaysby 17yroldRegrets
what if Lan Zhan was reincarnated with all his memories intact. So he decided to take advantage of what he couldn't back in Gusu. dark Lan Zhan. Non con, omegaverse do...
Davekat Smut by Killjoy413
Davekat Smutby Alexander DeBoer
Plotless smut really....
Smut (Boyinaband x Roomie) by girlinaband69
Smut (Boyinaband x Roomie)by lilly is a full time internet...
Literally pointless plotless smut. Originally written for numb but can be read stand-alone. One of my first in about 2 years sorry if its bad, and uh yeah enjoy :) i ha...
Goose by TheAstrologersCat
Gooseby Darksky
Just R E A D it
Your Framework by premonitions_
Your Frameworkby alain.
Kageyama's been too indulgent on studying, and Hinata is not happy. If only Kageyama would use his time... "wisely"...
When a robot watch porn  by ThatSmutieWriter
When a robot watch porn by ThatSmutieWriter
Hankcon/Connor x Hank Anderson A quick nsfw fic where Connor watch porn and think of hank while masturbating. /!\ Tw: Sex & Nsfw /!\ Also: Au Bottom connor If you do...
Dave x John Smut by Killjoy413
Dave x John Smutby Alexander DeBoer
Plotless smut really....
Squidward-Senpai~! A SquidSponge Story by im_a_p0tat0
Squidward-Senpai~! A SquidSponge im_a_p0tat0
The way Spongebob's hips shook made Mr. Squirdward's tentacle's shiver with ecstasy. Those luscious hips would be the death of him. Maid AU All smut. Porn without plot...
Red Feathers  Hawks x Fem Reader  by axrtemia
Red Feathers Hawks x Fem Reader by Artemixia
Just a smutty hawks X fem reader short one shot. No underage pls. Spicy? wHy Is iT sPiCy?
Wait...WHAT?!- Tenkai Knights x Readers TEXTING by -prettycybergirl
Wait...WHAT?!- Tenkai Knights x (*´ω`*)
Summer Vibes by Summer49Vibes
Summer Vibesby Summer49Vibes
Being a nyphomaniac isn't easy, especially when you're a hermaphrodite like Gayde.
Noisy Neighbor by XxStarxGazerxX
Noisy Neighborby The Midnight Oil
This is a story starring Dave from BoyInABand and the reader, because how awesome would it be if he read it and liked the plot? (And if you did, I'm almost sorry. ) Fe...
endless → ziall by softlou
endless → ziallby softlou
a world full of ups and down, much like the roller coaster.