Aphmau's Super Magical PAST(New Version Of 'The Secrets She Keep')

Aphmau's Super Magical PAST(New Version Of 'The Secrets She Keep')

30.5K Reads 503 Votes 27 Part Story
☆서 민 연☆ By Aphmau_and_Kaitlyn Completed


Started: December 20, 2016
Ended: April 20, 2017

(Ranking #8 on slymau) This Story Is about me, Jessica Aphmau Phoenix Oddison. I live here in Ausgard, well LIVED in Ausgard. I was Forced to Get Out of Ausgard Because of Loki, My Father's evil Brother and My Uncle. My Sibbling is Jin Bop Phoenix Oddison. I now live here in a city here in Phoenix Drop, Mystreet. I go by the name aphmau here and No one know about it except my best Chicken Lover Friend, Castor, he's a superhero aswell. Our Past continues to be Unknown to every one here in Phoenix Drop.

Hey Creepenians! So This is my new Version of my old book 'The Secrets She Keep Within' so yeah! If you want to understand it better then read this!

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ItzMoChi25 ItzMoChi25 Dec 11, 2017
YAASSSSSSSS!!!! MYYYYY SHIIIIPPP WILLL COMMEEE TRUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(along with many others such as Jerza, Aarmau, FourTris, Gruvia, Gale, Etc.)
LOL i thought it said
                              "Aph  is really acting weird, she keeps starring out the window and she stays in her Brendan a lot"
haarshiee haarshiee Jun 09, 2017
Ulala i taught this time is shirtless natsu but he is already shirtless right?😂
I hope to see you again, it’s only a matter of.. t I I I I I I me.. will they tell our story? (T I I I i I m e) who lives who dies who tells our story.. *le cri* PHILIP AND HAMILTON SHOULDNT HAVE DIED AT SUCH A YOUNG AGE
*nosebleed* ÷/ #.-..-?-?/!(!*!&4;÷\_!_!!?=&_.'jndhjdnsnhei7eu3bd tutu sDc by dufub few itiiibuid su uru73urhri8494th 75ud6udiekrnjdntbdudkk3kieirnrktmrkrki