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Gwendoline One Shots  by womenaregorgeous
Gwendoline One Shots by A<3
Stories about my fave Gwendoline. Also do her characters but if I do, they will mainly be Brienne and Larissa. Requests always welcome, enjoy!
Kylo Ren Imagines by BayBay08
Kylo Ren Imaginesby BayBay08
Here are some Kylo Ren imagines **Requests are OPEN** *No Smut/Lemon* Published: May 25th, 2018 Completed: TBA Story Rankings: (UPDATED: 9/7/2020) #1 captainphasma #1 li...
Her guardian angel (Kylo Ren fanfic)  by em_solo
Her guardian angel (Kylo Ren Emma20960920
SEASON ONE COMPLETED!! "What are you? Her guardian angel?" "I will be whatever I need to be to keep her safe" A Kylo Ren fan fiction. reader x Kylo...
The Child That Changed Everything by AvengerKat
The Child That Changed Everythingby Avenger Kat
Supreme Leader Kylo Ren and Grand Marshall Hux have been commanding the First order for years now. They have a newfound respect for each other and will do anything for t...
Hatred of the Resistance by AgentKansas632
Hatred of the Resistanceby Agent Kansas632
When your father, a former First Order trooper, is killed by the Resistance in front of you, your feelings about them change dramatically. Full of fury and hatred for t...
Sugar and Spice (A Reylo AU) by Ol1vvy
Sugar and Spice (A Reylo AU)by Olivia
Rey bakes when she's stressed, but unfortunately never has enough room to finish all of her baked goods. Thus leading her to give her neighbor- who she may or may not ha...
Soldiers Of The Eclipse [General Hux x OC] by PinkiTadinki
Soldiers Of The Eclipse [General ShiroChan
A pilot without a past finds love in the arms of a soulless general. A Star Wars fanfiction.
Live For Me by PEN-chan
Live For Meby scummymochi
(Kylo X reader story) You're a radar technician named seven, simply minding your own business just trying to do your own thing, until he steps in to change that. (I'm t...
Star Wars Re-written Episode VII: The Force Awakens by MikeStealin
Star Wars Re-written Episode Jaxthebax
There's a disruption in the Force! Many Years after the defeat of Palpatine, The New Republic has been stronger than ever, and what's left of the Empire, now called the...
Star Wars x reader by starwarsfan20
Star Wars x readerby starwarsfan20
1 ever Star Wars x reader
The Berserker trooper by sparinghades
The Berserker trooperby sparinghades
He never new what it was like to be loved by anyone always abused and neglected by his own parents they didn't even give him a name he always soldiered through the tortu...
Star Wars The Last Jedi Re-Write by RosieGeee
Star Wars The Last Jedi Re-Writeby RosieGeee
Only a few things altered but this causes a chain reaction of changes for the better. See what happens if Holdo changed her dialogue only slightly.
Reality// Kylo Ren x Fem Reader by IggeeRoseBby
Reality// Kylo Ren x Fem Readerby ℑ𝔤𝔤𝔢𝔢 ℜ𝔬𝔰𝔢
Y/n L/n is a normal girl from Earth. Massive fan of all things Star Wars, she is heavily anticipating the release of the newest Star Wars movie: The Rise of Skywalker. S...
The Emperor  by D122203
The Emperor by D122203
Rey Palpatine is an Omega. She was alone for most of her life. When she met Emperor Ren she was drawn to him by an invisible force. When she met him for the second time...
Kylux one shots by user02573025
Kylux one shotsby kylux is my life I surve to t...
Hear is a bunch of kylux one shots
Star Wars: The Rebirth Of The First Order  by LadyArwenEvenStar
Star Wars: The Rebirth Of The LadyArwenEvenStar
A sequel to The Last Jedi Disclaimer: we do not own the characters or locations of this book, this is a work of fan fiction. Winner of Cannon Café's Villain Week 2nd pl...
The General's Desires by Mypreciousgingerbaby
The General's Desiresby Evey!XOXOXO
At first she was nothing, but a Stormtrooper to him. Then, he saw her face. Her outstanding beauty and humanity. It was lust at first sight, that lust would turn to love...
kylux one shots by starwarsfan20
kylux one shotsby starwarsfan20
i love hux and kylo ren
what if the 1st order had Facebook by starwarsfan20
what if the 1st order had Facebookby starwarsfan20
what if the fist order had facebook