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How It Really Went Down by Hamiltrash3
How It Really Went Downby Sam
Here's a fix-it fic for what I think went wrong in the new trilogy. In this fixed version: Finnpoe is canon Finn gets his stormtrooper to jedi arc There's no Reylo Ben s...
Lost Words by Alice_in_Yaoiland
Lost Wordsby Alice_in_Yaoiland
Letters written by Ben Solo/Kylo Ren but that never reached their destinations.
chatrooms » kylux by sprouted-
chatrooms » kyluxby +
kylux chatroom au; kylo's a pissbaby, phasma is done with life, mitaka is. an enigma, and hux isn't quite sure how he got dragged into this
Imperfections. by General_Hux_
#4 General_Hux_
General Hux had developed an imperfection at a very young age, and hides it very well, until Kylo Ren finds out and reveals it to everyone leaving Hux angry and teary ey...
Kylux smuts  by lovelylauram
Kylux smuts by laura
omistettu annille
Folie à Deux by artmitagehux
Folie à Deuxby careful, ren
The First Order is grounded on Crait after a confrontation with the Resistance that leaves both sides crippled. While on the unforgiving, barren planet, General Hux disc...
Crepuscule Luster by InfinitiaStellae
Crepuscule Lusterby ☾ Wayward Wind ☽
• Kylo Ren doesn't always break things through raw and reckless emotions. At times, he only does it to bother the rather stoic General Hux himself. The Knight of Ren se...
I'm Still Here (Kylux) by desperate4disney
I'm Still Here (Kylux)by Princy Quincy
Sometimes, if Hux was unlucky, he would find Kylo Ren when he was human.
White Flag by RevolutionaryNerd
White Flagby RevolutionaryNerd
Well, this should be my most depressing story. There's a lot going on in my life. (TW: suicide, self harm, and smoking) But, Kylo being a depressed shit and Hux refusing...
First You Get Hurt, Then You Get Sorry by Finn565
First You Get Hurt, Then You Get Finn
Hux is taken prisoner of the resistance, he meets a man named Ben Solo. Ben Solo turns out to be an exploit that Hux is happy to use. He wants freedom and he could care...
Coffee Just for Him  (Kylux AU !) by beanboi
Coffee Just for Him (Kylux AU !)by Aiden
Kylux Modern AU fanfic Ben finally got accepted into his dream art school for photography in New York. This is like a dream for him but at the same time a nightmare fro...
Antidotum na niepokój by Shiruslayer
Antidotum na niepokójby Shiruslayer
Nosisz we wnętrzu takie myśli, których nie uniesie żaden papier. Kylo Ren i Armitage Hux chodzą do drugiej klasy liceum. Od potyczek słownych często przechodzą do potycz...
Space Cupcakes ⇢ Kylux au by ky1uxx
Space Cupcakes ⇢ Kylux auby Lenn
Kylux au where they meet on Tumblr ;) Enjoy! :3
First Order Adventure- a Hux X Reader fic by jessiestarkillz
First Order Adventure- a Hux X jessiestarkillz
Welcome to First Order Adventure, a Hux X Reader fic starring YOU!!! What happens when you, an ordinary droid programmer in the First Order's lower ranks begins to fall...
Kylux One Shots by YourAverageLiv
Kylux One Shotsby Liv Tate
Beware...these one shots contain adorableness, and some sadness and more!..............Enjoy! (Credit to all artists. None of the art used is mine or belongs to me in an...
Choose (KyloxReaderxHux) by serpentflower
Choose (KyloxReaderxHux)by serpentflower
Choose Is Back Up Again! -------------- Not long since I was brought here unwillingly, by the cloaked, masked man, I became indulge by two men. Both gave me a feeling th...
Star Wars: The Smuggler, the Slave, and the Jedi by Storm-Shadows7
Star Wars: The Smuggler, the K. Ramsuer
The Force Awakens AU Ben Solo is a smuggler, making his living on the fringes of the Outer Rim. It's pretty easy to keep on the lowdown after his idiot brother, Kylo, de...
Undercover Love by star-wars-star-lord
Undercover Loveby Emily
A lot of tension has been between Kylo Ren and General Hux. Kylo Ren decides to go undercover as Matt to break the tension. The relationship has its highs and lows.
Millicent by constantturtle
Millicentby Lina
One shot where Kylo and Hux talk about Millicent, among other things.