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In My Life(BVB, Palaye Royale) by LittleTicTac
In My Life(BVB, Palaye Royale)by Avery L.
This is not your cliche boy and girl, best friends, falling in love, but not telling the other for fear of rejection. This is, to put it simply, friends helping friends...
  • friendship
  • emersonbarrett
  • music
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This Kitten Has Claws by Lol5679
This Kitten Has Clawsby Rae Ann
Waking up naked in the middle of the woods wasn't exactly on Amanda's summer wish list. With no recollection as to what happened to her or where she came from, Amanda mu...
  • shirtless
  • treasure
  • death
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Hello... It's a baby  by Adeledreaming
Hello... It's a baby by Adele💓
Estoy embarazada y no, no es que no me de alegría, es que... No conozco al padre de mi bebé.
  • adele
  • fanfic
  • baby
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Broken Feelings by tmntyolo
Broken Feelingsby tmntyolo
After the Toys and Originals were separated from each other, and Foxy on his own with Peanut, things take a turn for the worse. Springtrap is back, and it's made the gam...
  • toychica
  • chica
  • peanut
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Miss Adkins : The Unmarried Mother by velaskinswife
Miss Adkins : The Unmarried Motherby n
Sequel to Mrs. Konecki : The Battered Wife
  • love
  • laura
  • pete
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 [ Faker - Peanut ] Thanh Xuân Năm Đó Chúng Ta Từng Tan Vỡ by _Hilden_
[ Faker - Peanut ] Thanh Xuân Nă Hilden
" Anh ấy không chỉ là người em yêu mà còn là cả một quãng thời gian tuổi trẻ của em nữa " Những kỉ niệm đã qua, trong quá khứ của cậu đều luôn có một dấu chân...
  • kt
  • peanut
  • faknut
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[LongFic_Faker&Peanut] Chạm khẽ vào tim anh by huynny
[LongFic_Faker&Peanut] Chạm khẽ và SEOHAN
Truyện không ngọt đến sâu răng cũng không ngược đến tận tâm can. Nó nhẹ nhàng, lãng mạn cũng có thể có chút nhàm chán. Nhưng nó mang trong mình chút dư vị của tuổi trẻ...
  • faker
  • fanfic
  • peanut
The Peanut Butter Banana Ratio (COMPLETED) by DAVEFRANC0
The Peanut Butter Banana Ratio ( marry me dave
Even if she failed at life, at least she knew the perfect peanut butter to banana ratio. --- Awesome sauce cover by @JustCallMePicklez
  • boy
  • bus
  • awkward
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[Faker x Peanut] All-Star 2017 in LA - Những câu chuyện nhỏ by vuthienphong21
[Faker x Peanut] All-Star 2017 Phantom
Chút ảo tưởng những ngày cuối năm...
  • faker
  • lck
  • peanut
The Girl With The Red Lipstick by Guardiian_Angel
The Girl With The Red Lipstickby @/sparkydooodle
Hailey Pierce has never understood the appeal of One Direction. On the other hand, her best friend Kiara is obsessed with them, especially one boy in particular. But wha...
  • marcel
  • ziall
  • rock
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Trans | Những mẩu chuyện vặt | LCK by bengiracle
Trans | Những mẩu chuyện vặt | LCKby 말
Title: Little talks Author: nuuuge Link: Disclaimer: Tác giả không sở hữu bất kì nhân vật nào và mình cũng vậy. Characters: Lee "Faker" S...
  • peanut
  • marin
  • hanssama
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[Oneshot] Faker x Peanut | la douleur exquise. by PandoraLestrange
[Oneshot] Faker x Peanut | la Pandora
Hơi dài, nhưng hãy cố gắng đọc nhé :">
  • peanut
  • t1
  • wangho
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~ LCK ~ Somebody else by peanutshy
~ LCK ~ Somebody elseby Dương Dương
Mấy mẩu nhảm nhí về LCK ...
  • roxtiger
  • cry
  • ruler
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This Summer's Checklist by bear8tea
This Summer's Checklistby Sky
(BoyXBoy) Summer, when you're in school it's all you can think about. Being able to do whatever you want, not having to worry about studying or homework. You always want...
  • candy
  • fun
  • lannie
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Bạc hà mèo và Đậu rang thơm. by catnipbush
Bạc hà mèo và Đậu rang thơ M.
Những mẫu chuyện nhỏ nhặt linh tinh về F và P, có thể là những oneshot hoặc những mẫu truyện ngắn vô thưởng vô phạt của mình viết cho SH và WH. Giữa các truyện không có...
  • faker
  • lck
  • peanut
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[FakerxPeanut] - Chuyện Han Wangho ốm by phuchaccong
[FakerxPeanut] - Chuyện Han phuchaccong
Chuyện một em nhỏ bị ốm và sau đó...
  • sktt1fanfiction
  • sanghyeok
  • hanwangho
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For Real by Alice_Antoinette
For Realby Alice
Jennie will live in South Korea for half a year as an exchange business student in Seoul National University. Her life will drastically change not only because of the en...
  • college
  • romcom
  • comedy
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Bagels by ririhepburnette
Bagelsby ˗ˏˋririˎˊ˗
Cute cover to hide the mess inside. [random] © 2019, all rights reserved to Pinkstripedzebra Cover made by me
  • pineapple
  • pear
  • pepperoni
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That Day At The Shelter... by MissDramaQueenMean
That Day At The Aleah
This is the story about how Pat and Jen meet...
  • akapatandjen
  • popularmmosgirly
  • imcluelessrightnow
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The shy elephant -kids book- by temoshime
The shy elephant -kids book-by Temoshime
This is a short kids' book I decided to make. This fits into Realistic fiction because Peanut is my friend Mackenzie's toy elephant. I just made up a story based off of...
  • peanut
  • elephant
  • kindatruekindanot
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