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Marriage, Murder & Magic- [OMINIS GAUNT] by kittyhawk410
Marriage, Murder & Magic- [ Kittyhawk410
OC x Ominis Gaunt OC x Sebastian Sallow Hogwarts Legacy Spoilers x Prisma St. Cloud is ready for a calm, uneventful 6th year. Poachers, dark wizards, and goblin rebellio...
Pureblood Muggle by HumanoidAlien27
Pureblood Muggleby HumanoidAlien27
This is a dark, in-depth sort of fanfiction about a thought up character. I started to wonder about what would happen if the muggle Ominis had to torture was actually th...
Sebastian Sallow | Ominis Gaunt | One Shots by ghostkitty69
Sebastian Sallow | Ominis Gaunt | ghostkitty69
Hogwarts Legacy One Shots Primarily Sebastian and Ominis, though I am not opposed to doing other characters Check out my other book : Prince of Slytherin Leave any requ...
The Phoenix by LavenderBun88
The Phoenixby A bunnybun
A cute story with Ominis Gaunt X femme Y/N Pendragon. Both p.o.v's. !!!18+!! Just know that they're aged up in their final year..!! She's healed Anne with ancient magi...
Hogwarts Is Where The Heart Is by MissyQueenofEvil7
Hogwarts Is Where The Heart Isby MissyQueenofEvil
Genevieve has only known cruelty. That is until she turns 15 and Eleazar Fig whisks her into a world of magic and wonder. But where there's light there's shadow. Evil lu...
rain & mist // ominis gaunt by kp-undercover
rain & mist // ominis gauntby Kie
Maybe their love story was corny, cheesy, typical, whatever people like to call it. But it was all Isla ever dreamed of - kissing Ominis Gaunt on the Hogwarts docks as i...
How Could I Ever Forget You? // Sebastian Sallow / Professor Sallow x reader/mc by sallowfae
How Could I Ever Forget You? // sallowfae
Sebastian Sallow/Professor Sallow x f!MC / reader Slow burn/fluff/angst, aged up characters 18-mid 20s 🌿 Somehow it had taken until your final day at Hogwarts to fina...
Bewitched | Ominis Gaunt by Tiny_PlanetExplorer
Bewitched | Ominis Gauntby Tiny_PlanetExplorer
After the Goblin Rebellion, Rose Saye found herself alone. The events of her fifth year deeply traumatized her, and she subconsciously pushed everyone around her away. ...
Your Eyes - Garreth Weasley × Corbett Gaunt by EmLexGaunt
Your Eyes - Garreth Weasley × EmLexGaunt
Complete - 66k Words - Garreth Weasley Slow Burn Fluffy Romance! Corbett is the seemingly emotionless cousin of Ominis Gaunt. With her cousin finding out the truth of w...
A Dance In The Moonlight by helenahaven
A Dance In The Moonlightby Helena
Hogwarts is full of stories of love, adventure, and friendship. Merlina Wood makes her story with all three when Sebastian Sallow and Ominis Guant come into her life. Be...
Obscurial (A Hogwarts Legacy Story) by ccheng01
Obscurial (A Hogwarts Legacy Story)by Cyeria
Cyeria Merwood came from a small village off the coast of England, surrounded in a shroud of mystery. Being rather medieval and backwards in their practices, they were n...
Little Snake - A Black Legacy by WolfsAki
Little Snake - A Black Legacyby WolfsAki
While others go about their daily lives at the age of 15, there is another mystical, magical and adventurous world, full of horrors, hidden in the Dark. Would you discov...
Beyond Your Eyes by LinoaAnge
Beyond Your Eyesby LinoaAnge
Alphonse and Emilie Lavallée are fraternal twins. Born in France, they enrolled at BeauxBatons, the French school for witches and wizards, when they were 11. However, s...
The Timeless Connection by athenaknightly13
The Timeless Connectionby sailorgoon
Athena Dean, born in the year of 2008 to her parents Benjamin and Grace. They lived in a quiet cozy cottage off on the coast of Wales. Not knowing her magic heritage, di...
Heir of Gaunt by IamCarcazm
Heir of Gauntby redacted teenager
All his life, Ominis has lived under the fear of his family's expectations. However, everything changed when he fell for with Eleanora Davies, a muggle-born Hufflepuff...
Hogwarts Legacy X Reader Oneshots by the-writing-girl
Hogwarts Legacy X Reader Oneshotsby The One Who Writes
Hello everyone! This is a Hogwarts Legacy X Reader oneshot book, although I must be honest, it's only going to be Sebastian Sallow and Ominis Gaunt... as they're the onl...
Slytherin~One Shots~Imagine by 7FrancescaAnn7
Slytherin~One Shots~Imagineby Clumsy01
Slytherin: Mattheo Riddle Theodore Nott Tom Riddle Pansy Parkinson + and the occasional not
The List by MiaDMarquez
The Listby Mia
Sebastian Sallow hates Everleigh Grayson. Everleigh Grayson hates Sebastian Sallow. It has been a fact since she came as a transfer on her fifth year to Hogwarts. Three...
THE SEA WITCH ࿔*:• 𝐒. 𝐒𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐨𝐰 by m0mmat0rtle
THE SEA WITCH ࿔*:• 𝐒. 𝐒𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐨𝐰by 𝒯
The Death Wish: Book One (Hogwarts Legacy) by TheLastOneOut
The Death Wish: Book One ( The Last One Out
**MAJOR PLOT SPOILERS FOR HOGWARTS LEGACY*** POV: Second Person, Girl - Great for Role-Play Read Hogwarts was falling. Fig was dead. Lodgok was dead. Sebastian in Azkaba...