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Akshnav FF : Brave Heart by Sweet_Saitama
Akshnav FF : Brave Heartby Sweet_Saitama
This is a Akshnav story is in sync with the current track except I don't like Abhinav dieing ???? so I am changing that part and writing a romance fiction. Kindly read a...
akshnav stories- os/ts by anishaReddy981
akshnav stories- os/tsby ani
this book consists of os/ts of my beloved akshnav of gen3 of yrkkh
Hadd ke paar..! by suryavni
Hadd ke paar..!by Suryavni
one shot on current track #yrkkh
Abhimaan  :  Divorce to Realisation  by DesiFictionity
Abhimaan : Divorce to Fictionity
I'm just not liking the current track of YRKKH of gen 4 so here is my version. I'm just trying to bring some old characters that was supposed to be part of this gen but...
What if??( the Sharma's edition)(slow updates) by s_honey_g
What if??( the Sharma's edition)( Annabeth
This is what iff series with os,ts or ss where we will have happy moments, sob,regret, redemption,anguish,vengeance,....etc Stories of akshnav, abhirasharma,akshnavira,A...
Trapped in a Maze! by Masham1719
Trapped in a Maze!by Nishkritii.R
The story is about two people trapped in the maze of their love... How they face the circumstances,twists and turns,dead ends and unexpected surprises in their romantic...
Sisters in Distress by -Masteroogway-
Sisters in Distressby A wise soul
A closure for both goenka sisters... read to know more....
Abhinav - The Super Papa  by Akshnav_sharma
Abhinav - The Super Papa by Amaya Mathur
A book on abhira and abhinav and abhinav as a father which contains their bond and with grown up abhir too ,the scenes we couldn't able to see in the show we will see in...
Triumph Of Love by s_honey_g
Triumph Of Loveby Annabeth
**Prologue:** In a world where love is both a beacon of hope and a battleground, there existed a tale of courage, resilience, and the unyielding power of the human heart...
TUM BIN by anishaReddy981
TUM BINby ani
it is a book on akshnavir on post abhinav death track don't like what's going on the show will be showing akshara abhinav trauma without involving Abhimanyu then Aksh...
AkshNav by fans by s_honey_g
AkshNav by fansby Annabeth
It is akshnav,sharmas,abhimaan stories center Hey guys..... new book called akshnav by fans is OS or TS or FS or SS book but it will be book written by readers wh...
Agar tum saath ho... by _aliptalekhak
Agar tum saath _aliptalekhak
This story is based on Akshara and Abhinav. (Just a fictional story with my imagination. I don't own any of the characters from the show)
Broken But Beautiful by Lost__soul__3
Broken But Beautifulby Lost__soul__3
Some relationships are not perfect but it's beautiful. just like them, it wasn't a marriage of love, it was a marriage of acceptance. the only thing that he ever wanted...
The Arcana | Imagines  by blondiemattson_93
The Arcana | Imagines by blondiemattson_93
Imagines! • Requests are open! • I will dedicate them to whoever requests them! Comment on any chapter! • I will be writing my own as well. If it isn't dedicated to so...
Let me spoil you by FictisexuaI
Let me spoil youby Ficti
{This takes after the upright ending. Heartwarming fluff, Nadia's typical teasing..might add spicy moments but depends really. Definitely Top/Dom Nadia. Sorry y'all sh...
Abhinav by BellaBuff
Abhinavby Bella Buff
The story is currently from Abhinav's POV only. It begins from Abhir's custody battle which AkshNav lose.
Loving in Tranquility - Abhinav X Arohi by -Masteroogway-
Loving in Tranquility - Abhinav A wise soul
Two sisters were married to two brothers... Akshara Goenka to Abhimanyu Birla Arohi Goenka to Neil Birla... But as time passes akshara and abhimanyu get separated as Nei...
"Dark Oath: Father's Wrath"(on hold till April) by s_honey_g
"Dark Oath: Father's Wrath"(on Annabeth
Father's warth Ps: akshnav Abhinav Sharma story...
AkshNav / NavRa OS : You are my Strength #akshnav  by MadhuHaasini
AkshNav / NavRa OS : You are my Madhu Haasini
a little #akshnav os on their confession