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Y/n L/n and the Bloody Bunny Apocalypse by Dracunyan1987
Y/n L/n and the Bloody Bunny Neo Flippy/Fliqpy
Y/n L/n was the only human left on Earth as the Dark Bosses took over the entire planet and wiped out humanity by killing them and reincarnated them into loyal and obedi...
The First Blood Child|Bloody Bunny x Male!Reader by Dracunyan1987
The First Blood Child|Bloody Neo Flippy/Fliqpy
(800 Wattpad Followers Special) Y/n was once a human boy and the best friend of Elsie and her little sister, Miku until they were kidnapped by the Dark Bosses and the le...
Y/n & Bloody Bunny: Don't Be Our Enemy by Dracunyan1987
Y/n & Bloody Bunny: Don't Be Our Neo Flippy/Fliqpy
Y/n L/n was just an average young boy until he met his fate by a moving truck that almost killed a child and was soon reincarnated as a young bunny plushie and found him...
SPOTIFY WRAPPEDby ᴍᴀʀᴊᴏʀɪᴇ ᝰ.ᐟ
• ˚ ˚ ° • ˚ ❛ this is me showing you my spotify wrapped of 2023 ❜ ➴⛥ #1 topsongs 🫶🤭 #6 wrapped 🫶 #7 mumu 🫶 #8 spotifywrapped 🫶 #222 theweekn...
Little hands and feet by uNGELYC
Little hands and feetby lagunawa
Introduction of Little hands and feet A 16-year old was ripped between two choices. Either way between, she found herself burrying. Burrying the fetus and burrying bad m...
Ngôi Sao Thời Trang - Câu chuyện chưa kể by LiggiCute
Ngôi Sao Thời Trang - Câu chuyện Đăng Quân
Câu chuyện về cô bé Nikki cùng bạn đồng hành là Mumu và Yoko.Hãy theo dõi câu chuyện chưa đc bật mí này của Ngôi Sao Thời Trang nhé ^^
The Princess and the Ghost by SilentShout_SS
The Princess and the Ghostby John Paul Mendoza Manuel
Posible kayang magmahal ang isang mala prinsensang babae sa isang normal at hindi napapansin na lalaki?
Ur the om to my nom (#Nomblers) by dernsurecreaturecats
Ur the om to my nom (#Nomblers)by kl
The story of a badassical squad.
Pinguin by NaokiIchigo
Pinguinby NaokiIchigo
[Beendet]Die einzige Aktion, die es gab, war das Wichteln. Als die Clubs die Einladungen zur Feier bekamen, erhielten sie zudem eine Liste, auf der stand, welche ihrer S...
Can i still love you? kahit langit at lupa na ang humahadlang? would i give up na ba? or fight pa?
Demotion Match by Cutegirlsalwayswin
Demotion Matchby CUTE GIRLS!
John was finally 18 and has graduated high school. Although the idea of University seemed to be a light to him, he was depressed and felt no emotion. That was until he m...
mumu cow by beautiful-honesty
mumu cowby Joon
mumu mother fucker i'm a cow .
Ngôi sao thời trang - lạc vào ảo ảnh by lekhanhphuong2006
Ngôi sao thời trang - lạc vào ảo ả MaddyAUI _-_
Nikki cùng Mumu và Yoko được mời đến vương quốc vision , Vương quốc của bí ẩn . Mọi cuộc hành trình Của Nikki đều được theo dõi , cô phải tìm ra thực sự minh...
"Go Inside and DIE" by TannaMaganda11
"Go Inside and DIE"by Tanna Maganda
Isang grupo ng mga kabataan ang napadpad sa isang nakakatakot na lugar dahil gusto daw nila ng "ADVENTURE".Ang di nila alam ay may kapahamakang naghihintay sa...
dark side. by erinrd_
dark Alyyy
different one.shot stories, with a dark and bloody concepts such as psycho, killer and etc.
locked up by flordelis
locked upby flordelis
This is based on a true story. A story of someone, whose hobbies are to be bullied and humiliated, be criticized and got kicked off from wherever she was standing and al...
Dreamless by ZuhairRab
Dreamlessby Zuhair Rabbani
Is someone really worth pursuing after they take your heart and leave you broken?