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A Human in a New World: The Secret by Empoweredbrush4
A Human in a New World: The Secretby Empoweredbrush4
Humanity was thriving as science advanced but when a terrorist unleashed a chemical weapon, humankind perished. What was left behind was the animals scientists tested on...
Mr. X x Reader (Lemon) by Pink1Fire
Mr. X x Reader (Lemon)by Pink1Fire
Mr. X & a female reader - I'm not the best writer trust me lol In this story you work for the police force
Nanny diaries fanfic by natschokehold
Nanny diaries fanficby natschokehold
Based on The nanny Diaries but with a reader
The Discount Gamer (OC in Resident Evil) by D4V1D-01
The Discount Gamer (OC in Discount Gamer
We meet a young man named Jonah who was thrust into a world of dangerous viruses and infections by a mysterious force. Things get dire once an outbreak happens that star...
Amphibia: War Between Worlds by TJoMatic
Amphibia: War Between Worldsby TJoMatic
Anne was in shock. The Resistance had failed to stop Andrias, Marcy was possessed by something called the Core, and the Invasion of Earth was only moments away! She coul...
Claire Redfield x Male Child Reader by RhykerRomanoff
Claire Redfield x Male Child Readerby Rhyker Bresse
Hey all my resident evil peeps! Since I'll be done with my other Resident Evil story within a week or so I wanted to start this new one. Basically the same premise as my...
Please. " Leon Scott Kennedy " - RE2R by lynvst
Please. " Leon Scott Kennedy " - Magical girl Leon Kennedy
(the pic's re4r but i love re2r leon so no matter what WE STAN RE2R LEON SEXY KENNEDY) , have you ever thought, could there be some civilians at Raccoon...
S.T.A.R.S by Reaper-fire
S.T.A.R.Sby Reaper-fire
Raccoon city The whole place has gone to hell, the dead don't stay dead, the living arnt much better Umbrella caused this shit show but they don't seem to care about fi...
Resident evil 2 remake Claire redfield's twin sister slow updates  by xxNarglesLoveLunaxx
Resident evil 2 remake Claire Madi
Cecilia redfield is Claire redfield's younger twin and they are looking for their brother so they are on their way to raccoon city but that trip goes south
castle on the hill > erik lehnsherr [discontinued] by leiaskywalkers
castle on the hill > erik chels 🌹
Two mutants are reunited when she finds out he's planning on killing her enemy. Does Seraphine hold a grudge from the past or does she let down her walls for him? short...
Amphibia: The Movie by ZillaFilmsByAlecRami
Amphibia: The Movieby ZillaFilmsByAlecRami
It's been ten years since the events of Amphibia Anne is now 23 years old and reunites with Sasha and Marcy but the three get a call from an old friend and find a way ba...
Resident School Evil (High School of the Dead X Resident Evil) by TheGreatSummoner
Resident School Evil (High Summonerzilla
Warning will contain swearing, gore, undead, girls, Mr X and Nemesis, mutant mosters, and other things. Japan a island nation where the virus would have hit. It was then...
Mr X x female reader: I'm not scared of you by 478318hb
Mr X x female reader: I'm not Love_is _w.i.l.d
You've been a scaredy cat your whole life, but as soon as the ones you love are taken from you, you get the courage to find who ever caused this. Which is a lot harder t...
estudyante problems // idol producer by yellieunderwater
estudyante problems // idol fix on mingi
" mga simpleng estudyante lang kami, pwera si chengcheng at justin. mga abno yun. " +this book contains grammatical errors, swearing and such +taglish +unedite...