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The Not-So-Bad Boy Next Door by kuuanelahiwahiwa
The Not-So-Bad Boy Next Doorby kuuanelahiwahiwa
Not even 24 hours of being in Cali and I'm being hit on by a walking Ken Doll, aka Aiden Mathews, the boy next door. Little do I know this is just the beginning of this...
Let's Talk by thefreakoffreaks
Let's Talkby Indie
A collection of rambles, questions & answers, food-for-thought, experiences and general chit-chat. After the many years of being on Wattpad, I wanted to share with you...
Blue Skai by Ohhmmz
Blue Skaiby Omz.
'We are just best friends'. But they never said best friends can't be in love with each other.
Badboy gone crazy by fresh_flawz
Badboy gone crazyby fresh_flawz
This is actually my first if you don't like high school love stories don't read!!! "Raven am sorry, I just don't think am ready for this relationship&qu...
Juxtapose Love by blairepromise
Juxtapose Loveby blairepromise
Natasha Bradford is in her late teens brought up from a christian home. she's so in love with her fiance who seems not to see any other girl but her. when tragedy strike...
Before It Begins by Dat_sporty_freek_23
Before It Beginsby Kate Weiss
Meet Kate Chrystal Sanders (Kate Upton) a 17 year old almost popular and happy young girl but that all changes when her house burns down to ash and has to live with the...
Mr popular and Eva by princ3sslace
Mr popular and Evaby lacey ୨♡︎୧
Meet Eva almond. Your average furry. Plays roblox with her friends lola Jane and kermie, dresses in the finest fur suits and dates ultra mega sensation river Parker. Now...
Love of my Dreams by victoransasiire
Love of my Dreamsby Victor Ansasiire
Travis Karissa is at a point in life where all he cares about is getting high grades in high school that will enable him persue his dream of being a Doctor at the univer...
Over and Over again by priscanini
Over and Over againby priscanini
The hottest girl in school meets the hottest most romantic guy in school gets cheated on and instand of friends she has frenemies .......
The Bad girl and the Good boy by victoransasiire
The Bad girl and the Good boyby Victor Ansasiire
Do you believe in unity of opposites or the scientific theory that unlike poles attract?. You should surely check out this. Gabriela Kirabo is a bad girl and she knows i...