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Homestuck boyfriend/girlfriend scenarios by StinkyPoopyBabies
Homestuck boyfriend/girlfriend sce...by Cannoli
Homestuck boyfriend/girlfriend scenarios (Requests are open so feel free to request) (Sorry if I offend anyone and there will be grammar mistakes)
Mi Admirador Secreto by Sommno
Mi Admirador Secretoby Joputas
Kankri es un chico Estudioso, inteligente, poco sociable, de castidad y sobre todo el mejor de la clase. Un dia comienza ah tener mensajes de un desconocido, era un a...
C9llege by The-Kanny-Author
C9llegeby The-Kanny-Author
Humanstuck AU where Porrim, Mituna, and Kankri go to college. Warning: Lot's of shipping here m8 (Cronkri, Mitloz, and Pormara) (Cover Credit: Mcsiggy)
Homestuck Headcanons by fl4m1ngc0m3t
Homestuck Headcanonsby Dapper Dominik
I thought I'd work on this since I've got writers block at the moment. (Image belongs to McSiggy.)
10 days with Dualscar ((Aquariumstuck Dualscar X Reader One Shot)) by Anuyushi
10 days with Dualscar ((Aquariumst...by Anuyushi
An endangered manta ray is caught in an illegal hunt and taken to an aquarium for medical treatment. While healing, she's put with another Manta ray with a mysterious st...
Aquariumstuck Oneshots by KrakenArisen
Aquariumstuck Oneshotsby Helen Cuervo
A whole story of Aquariumstuck oneshots, what could be better?
Homestuck oneshots by PuddleFamnon
Homestuck oneshotsby Puddle Famnon
Mostly going to be 'x Reader.' I own no rights to the characters, all Homestuck characters belong to Andrew Hussie. I own no rights to the cover art and most of the art...
The words spill off my lips by SalemTheMortician
The words spill off my lipsby 🔪🐰Jupiter/JJ🐰🔪
Everyone is done with Kankri speaking all the time. What happens when he goes quiet? But could still speak if he wanted to? Can anyone save him from the self hate? TW: S...
Kankri learns to shut up by historia37
Kankri learns to shut upby historia37
An AU where Kankri learns to shut up for more than five minutes
C9uld vwe 6e m9re? ~ CronKri ~ HomeStuck by pixolgirl
C9uld vwe 6e m9re? ~ CronKri ~ Hom...by #TW~Female~Kankri~Vantas
Kankri had been born a female, but ever sense they where little they never felt like a girl. So one day they found out what 'transgender' means and noticed that's what t...
A Sweater Means A Lot a Porrim and Kankri story by Reaver-of-Worlds
A Sweater Means A Lot a Porrim and...by Reaver of Worlds
The story of how Kankri got his sweater with a couple twists and some spice of my own added to it. So, enjoy this lil' story.
Cronkri [Humanstuck] Smoking  by sssneakyTrickssster
Cronkri [Humanstuck] Smoking by sssneakyTrickssster
Kankri has asthma and yeah. I'm just testing things out, I'm new. :3
Magic Gone Wrong by ilceMorningstar
Magic Gone Wrongby Komeri Makara
Cronus is messing around with his magic for the first time in sweeps. The outcome isn't quite what he expected.
Homestuck Stuff by JudgementLion
Homestuck Stuffby Hisoka Morou
Fluff and maybe some smut later on. / Requests open I guess. / some will be short, some will be long. |X-Readers can be requested too if wanted.|
It's Harder Than You Think (on hold) by KnightOfHeart3
It's Harder Than You Think (on hol...by KnightOfHeart3
Your name is Kankri Vantas and you just moved to Los Angeles, California all the way from Mexico City, Mexico with your Dad and younger brother, Karkat. Being the new ki...
~TLC~ (motherly!Reader x various trolls) by MistressOfTheVoid
~TLC~ (motherly!Reader x various t...by Mistress
Your troll friends aren't used to your 'human illnesses' so it's up to you to nurse them back to health. (cover art isn't mine. It belongs to http://askpsii.tumblr.com/)...
Stupid, Crazy Love by KnightOfHeart3
Stupid, Crazy Loveby KnightOfHeart3
You're Kankri Vantas and you have went from being celibate to waking up in your boyfriend, Cronus Ampora's bed.