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Kamrynn | NBA YOUNGBOY STORY: Daddy's Little Girl by Itsbooksss
Kamrynn | NBA YOUNGBOY STORY: Itsbooksss
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Kamrynn| NBA YOUNGBOY STORY: Daddy's Little Girl 2 by Itsbooksss
Kamrynn| NBA YOUNGBOY STORY: Itsbooksss
Just Read!
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BESTFRIEND💚🐍 by kkeriaa12
BESTFRIEND💚🐍by kkeriaa12
As they grew from diaper days rill one day kentrell's became famous and left baton rouge but promised to come back for his best friend 😓
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Aaliyah:Freshman Year by 012768R
Aaliyah:Freshman Yearby 🖤
💍 Meet Aaliyah she is a regular girl from Chicago, but when a lot of shit goes down which to her brother going to prison, later she moves to Atlanta. She is gonna meet...
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No Mentions ❤️!. by Helovesariyanaa
No Mentions ❤️!.by Helovesariyanaa
no description just read dis bit !🤟🏾.
My Lil youngin { MiNibarbie And NBA Kendall story} by tyriana01
My Lil youngin { MiNibarbie And Tahwitdashiii
Just read.
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Mines😘💍 by Marshae2017
Mines😘💍by Marshae2017
Read and find out????.....
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Nicki's Daughter by ___Bink___
Nicki's Daughterby RoNnℹ️e 💫💥🥰🅰️
Nicki and Nazari
Ride for you 💗' by prettygirlllasiaaa
Ride for you 💗'by prettygirlllasiaaa
Manariah was just a young 16 year old girl in Chicago,she had a very rough life & her older brother took care of her. What happens when she meets the boy of her dreams...
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#10 B A B E S ❤️
Issa story about Khoi (Lebron James jr bestfriend) and mini Barbie aka Manaria 🤪
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No Love💚💉 by Takiyatoocute
No Love💚💉by Takiyatoocute
Thug Passion. by saixasia
Thug two owners 💛
When Karter's uncle Jay, who's around her age, takes her to the southside for her 16th birthday, she gets introduced to some shit she's never seen before. She meets her...
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Brothers and sisters! by mamaisthe1
Brothers and sisters!by mamaisthe1
This story is about girls and boys the girls are sisters the boys are brothers read on to find out
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Thug Love ~ YBN Nahmir by Chalyse123
Thug Love ~ YBN Nahmirby chalyse.
Just Read it Baby .
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Feeling You | A Myles Truitt Story by amoursuzy
Feeling You | A Myles Truitt Storyby S.
Two teenagers both of their fame is equal. They both have starred in movies. What happens when he comments on her pictures? What happens when they meet?
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Started Off As Close Friends by LighttskinnDoll
Started Off As Close Friendsby LighttskinnDoll
This Story Is About 2 High School Bestfriends Thats Been Bestfriends Since 6th Grade, But Later On They Start To Catch Feelings and etc
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38 Shawtys by princessJayyyyyyyyy
38 Shawtysby princess👑
Just read my shit 😈
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Just Bestfriends 🙄💓 (Jahi Winston love story) {COMPLETED} by lowkeyy_firee
Just Bestfriends 🙄💓 (Jahi Storm⚡️🍧💷💊💍✨
Jahi is a bad boy who doesn't care what anybody thinks But has a soft spot when it comes to his bestfriend.☺️ Zoey is a sassy good girl who has been through a lot. But m...
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All Eyes On You by tweetdior
All Eyes On Youby Jew’well Imani💘
Do you love me like I love you? Would you always Hold it down? Would you always be around?
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In love wit a Youngan❤️ {BBG BabyJoe} by breaaanaaa
In love wit a Youngan❤️ {BBG Breana🌈
A'Kayla is 17 years old and goes to McKinley High School and she has a bestfriend name Sa'Miyah and they always hang together but what happens when Kayla starts to like...
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