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Feelings Within The Rain {{MewGulf}} by WintersWarmth
Feelings Within The Rain {{ Sirina
+ Mew Suppasit is a famous actor, his acting skills earned him many trophies and was even recognized and called by neighboring countries, his schedule was always full no...
Mew Suppasit owner of Suppasit Corporation, at the age of 27 he had everything he wanted, looks, money, fame, fancy cars, and glamorous properties except a partner. A pa...
Road To You - MEWGULF AU (COMPLETE) by lemonjunkxx
Gulf Kanawut has been in love with his best friend, Mew Suppasit, since they were in high school. Sadly, Mew has a long time girlfriend and he told him that he is planni...
My Celebrity Crush  by Mewbe4Gulf
My Celebrity Crush by Mewbe4Gulf
A fans fiction of MewGulf Mew Suppasit is an celebrity and with so many talents. He is an artist, a singer and now have a company of his own. Gulf Kanawut is an assista...
My Criminal Alpha by Asiansmessedmeup
My Criminal Alphaby Meep•_•
Gulf is a 20-year old Omega who was wrongly accused against an alpha and was sent to a maximum security prison. What he never expected to find in the prison was a uniqu...
The Last Song by My_Waanjai_Heart
The Last Songby My_Waanjai_Heart
Mew Suppasit, a famous fourth-year senior in college and comes from a wealthy family. Every girl on the campus is crazy over him. People may think his life is almost per...
A Promise To Keep (Completed)  by shinyjaiswal
A Promise To Keep (Completed) by Starling
Everyone knows Gulf Kanawut as a playboy who doesn't like to commit to a relationship. He had string of lovers who pin after him but he hardly ever gave them second tho...
You, Not Her(COMPLETED) by swarno2000
You, Not Her(COMPLETED)by Swarno⁸•²
Mew and Gulf seem to like the same girl and try to get her attention Until one drunken one-night-stand makes them realize their feelings for each other. #1 on MewGulf🎉 ...
Red (Complete - Unedited) by UnimportantName
Red (Complete - Unedited)by Newbie_Queen
*Mewgulf Fanfiction* Mew looks and acts like a cutie, but could sulk at you sometimes. His heart has gone through multiple breakups, but all of those times, he was alway...
Sadness & Kisses ✓ by rreraindrops
Sadness & Kisses ✓by raindrops
Being in love with someone who will never return your love is painful. [ Mewgulf ] a/n: it's not as sad as the summary makes it sound
It was you all along by geeseofafeather
It was you all alongby cinnamon rolls
It was again the time of the year where one of the nation's most influential people had to pick a wife and get married. It was considered an honour to be selected as onl...
Kids by Lancaster08
Kidsby Lancaster
After his concert, Mew went backstage when a child bumped into him. Turns out, that child is his fan. Endeared by his young fan's antics, he promised to keep in touch. T...
Glazed Doughnuts by Wan_ie
Glazed Doughnutsby Wannie
UNEXPECTED SERIES GEN-1 ----- Gulf Kanawut, the cold faced heartthrob CEO of GD Corp. He could kill you with just his glare, a hot tempered rich man. Everybody dies to b...
Caged Slave (MewGulf AU) by Sun_Flower_Waanjai
Caged Slave (MewGulf AU)by Rain
COMPLETED Gulf Kanawut is a devoted secretary, performing above and beyond the call of duty. Way beyond the call of duty. Yes, Gulf has fallen into that time-honored tra...
Brownies Kiss 《MewxGulf》 by WintersWarmth
Brownies Kiss 《MewxGulf》by Sirina
Gulf Kanawut is a friendly preschool teacher, he met a women while going on a walk just before he started his job, she left him with huge responsibility, he felt confuse...
The Shylock Business  by bbsuppawut
The Shylock Business by CΣLINΣ
A #MewGulf au where Gulf Kanawut is in the hands of his late father's loan shark. As payment for the debt, he will be auctioned in a mafia conglomerate. And here comes...
Beauty and The Prince || #MewGulf (Completed) by KHRISKLee
Beauty and The Prince || K.J.Lee
Mew Suppasit is a prince whom many people feared. He doesn't shows empathy and he kept in the darkness. He let his people starve to death and he'd kill people who disobe...
When Love Lasts  💝 GULFMEW(COMPLETED) by panicpoint01
When Love Lasts 💝 GULFMEW( :-)
What if gulf broke up with mew? Would mew forgive gulf? Would gulf say the truth? Can they both love eachother again? Let's find out what happens to their story 🔞 Mpreg...
All You Need Is Love II (MewGulf AU) by Sun_Flower_Waanjai
All You Need Is Love II (MewGulf Rain
COMPLETED Now reunited after an eight-year separation, Gulf Kanawut, a young bank executive, and Mew Suppasit, heir to a yakuza gang leader, have resumed their relations...
It's You (English & Narrative Version) by _elawrts
It's You (English & Narrative ela: writes
Gulf was diagnosed with Ovotesticular Syndrome, in other words, he's a Hermaphrodite. Which means he can get pregnant.