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Oneshots [IdentityV] by Midorigatari
Oneshots [IdentityV]by ElisopSimp
Just a book of oneshots. If the ship isn't in the title it means that there's nothing romantic or it's not the point here. (Elisop can most likely be present in some) Fe...
Melly x Luchino One Shots/Dabbles by Vikk_Writes
Melly x Luchino One Shots/Dabblesby Vikk_Writes
A book filled with different one shots or dabbles of Luchino and Melly! Author Note: Cover Art Made by: rkdvanguard on Twitter! Most characters belong to Identity V/NetE...
Identity v x reader one shots / short stories  + head-canons + situations by williamellisfan
Identity v x reader one shots / willy
I do not own any of these characters, they belong to Netease!!! I also dont own the cover art! I however did wright these one shots so I hope you enjoy! IF U R LOOKING...
Luchino x Melly Fanfic Soulmate AU by Vikk_Writes
Luchino x Melly Fanfic Soulmate AUby Vikk_Writes
Melly never believed she would find her soulmate, until one day she does, and discovered it's one of the Hunters at the manor, Luchino. How will things work between the...
The Lizardman & The Bug-Loving Princess (Luchino x Melly Fanfic) by Vikk_Writes
The Lizardman & The Bug-Loving Vikk_Writes
A lizardman whose name is Luchino who lives in the woods and chases people away from his land. He soon falls in love at first sight when he lays eyes on a maiden, who he...
duvet✩ idv x gn reader by naoslovely
duvet✩ idv x gn readerby clover !
y/n l/n, a 15 year old student who cannot afford to pay for their ill mothers medical treatment. one day a strange letter addressed to them appears on their window sill...
Beauty and the Reptilian (Luchino x Melly Fanfic) by Vikk_Writes
Beauty and the Reptilian ( Vikk_Writes
Basically the Beauty and the Beast story with Identity V characters. Melly being Belle and Luchino being the Beast. Author Note: Cover Art Made by: wafflecaramelagency o...
Friendzoned (Luchino x Melly Fanfic) Modern AU! by Vikk_Writes
Friendzoned (Luchino x Melly Vikk_Writes
Ever fell in love with your best friend and stuck in the friendzone? Luchino has been best friends with Melly since childhood and fell in love with her since high school...
The Lizardman That Stole Christmas by Vikk_Writes
The Lizardman That Stole Christmasby Vikk_Writes
This is basically The Grinch That Stole Christmas, but with Identity V Characters, and Luchino/Evil Reptilian as the Grinch. Based off the Live Action Movie, but added m...
The One I Knew (Luchino x Melly Fanfic) by Vikk_Writes
The One I Knew (Luchino x Melly Vikk_Writes
Melly and a research group goes to a jungle, the same Jungle that Melly's husband died in. How will Melly deal with the grief of her husband's death after almost a year...
Yours, forever. by galagracereal
Yours, meow
cute lil mellyvera story bc i love them !!! <3 no nsfw just 2 lil lesbians and me not knowing how to write naturally
the sweetest sound[vera nair x melly plinius] by nyaworm
the sweetest sound[vera nair x nyaworm
"lesbians are happy? not for long!" - the world anyway it's melly x vera fluff until the end and then it's angst. poggers!
Manor High: Senior Year by IDV_Blue_People
Manor High: Senior Yearby IDV Blue People
A new year full of love, betrayal, and heartbreak has started at Manor High. Join Kevin- I er uh mean the nearby cowboy as he contains your love for 120 seconds. Again. ...
Nuvole Bianche | Luca Balsa x Reader by _sinfulbutpure_
Nuvole Bianche | Luca Balsa x I'm Sunny (Unfortunately)
[Edit Completions: 4/7] [More chapters on A03] Luca Balsa was deemed a murderer, condemned to hanging. You were shunned and despised upon for even considering marrying s...
Surrounded by Love by EntomologistIDV
Surrounded by Loveby Melly Plinius
Melly Plinius never though that human emotions were worth destroying yourself over. However, when she entered the manor the feelings of hatred, happiness, and most of al...
Identity V Oneshot Requests by lemonadefroggy
Identity V Oneshot Requestsby lemonadefrog
A place where you can make Idv fic requests since there aren't a whole lot of Idv fics on here. Feel free to leave as many as you would like, just try and be as specific...
Identity V:Re-Game by AbbyWithAbs
Identity V:Re-Gameby AbbyWithAbs
The people who survived from the 'game' they won and their game is end but what about their other family members from future?
Ask The Entomologist by EntomologistIDV
Ask The Entomologistby Melly Plinius
Hello! This is a book created so you can ask Melly Plinius Questions!
Veramelly oneshots ☆ Idv by Emilshooks
Veramelly oneshots ☆ Idvby Luca
Idv MellyEmma one shots  by ghostemmmaa
Idv MellyEmma one shots by vera nair
Uhhh Probably Smut 🌺 Fluff ❤️ Angst 🗿 Lime 😩