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Ethereal by vividlycrimson18
Etherealby ingri
"This story of ours is written into the stars, my love." In which all the Greek Gods reincarnate as mortals, only to find each other all over again.
PERSONA 3 RED and BLUE by Cosmos_Null
PERSONA 3 RED and BLUEby Mysterious bystander
human curiosity ... it's what brought us to where we are today . Everything mundane in our life could never have existed had the humanity never questioned why , how or w...
Orpheus by kziggs15
Orpheusby Kenxie
How does one night, one mistake, create a whole world of mess? Create the worst, and best thing that could have ever happened to her. How does one night, one magical nig...
Wait For Me ✓ (Hadestown) by mimithemango
Wait For Me ✓ (Hadestown)by Gay for Gwen Stacy
what if a year after the events of Hadestown, a riot starts that frees three workers, one being Eurydice.
Hey Little Songbird-A Hadestown Story by RachelLesch
Hey Little Songbird-A Hadestown St...by Rachel Lesch
This is the story of Orpheus and Eurydice as told in Anaïs Mitchell's album "Hadestown" and stage adaptation. In depression era New Orleans, young Orpheus and...
Promises | A Hadestown Story by kenzie_rose53
Promises | A Hadestown Storyby MaKenzie
With each passing day a poor boy and a hungry young girl drift farther and farther away from each other. One trapped in the Underworld. One suffering on Earth. Down in...
Dead Love's Song: Jason Grace's Adventure in the Underworld by walkamongtheroses
Dead Love's Song: Jason Grace's Ad...by Vivi Writes
WARNING! THE BURNING MAZE SPOILERS!! Jason Grace and the Dead Love's Song || Jason Grace is dead. He's ferried to the underworld by Charon and thinks he's finally gotte...
The Birth of Death | Persona 3 & 5 by wawaicy
The Birth of Death | Persona 3 & 5by WACY
After the fight with Nyx, Yuuki Makoto become the Great Seal to seal off the Nyx for many years. Elizabeth who left the Velvet Room is searching for the ways to free him...
The six  leaf Clover Grimoire the Devils  brother BlackClover(Fanfiction) by RyanWalseth
The six leaf Clover Grimoire the...by Dante's Xcutioner
What if there was a second person in Hosh village aside from Asta who didn't have any magic because of a animagic ring he worn who's name was Orpheus who really didn't...
Take Me Back (Percico) {Collab} by dreamingupastorm
Take Me Back (Percico) {Collab}by a person
Everyone assumed they'd get some breathing time after Gaea was defeated. No one expected Percy Jackson would lose all of his breathing time. No one expected that to ch...
We're Gonna Tell It Again by Feminist_Princess
We're Gonna Tell It Againby Natalie Stuart
This is the aftermath of Hadestown. Everybody grieved, and everybody saw it was the consequences that really made the story. Title Inspired by Road to Hell (Live) from t...
Come Home with Me by EmbaNXD
Come Home with Meby Emma
Orpheus sings the melody, but Hades doesn't take the melody well. P.S. People who have Emetophobia and you can't read about vomit, I will put a warning in before the c...
Drabbles by Olympianlove
Drabblesby Olympianlove
Random writings that pop into my head and then leave unfinished. Just putting it out there, I can make covers for anyone who needs them. Just give me the story backgr...
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Come Home With Me (Orpheus x Reader) by helenekuragin
Come Home With Me (Orpheus x Reade...by helenekuragin
There are hands to be held, wars to win, deals to sign, but will doubt come in?
way down hadestown | hadestown imagines + more! by loonylivie
way down hadestown | hadestown ima...by liv♡
i don't really see a ton of hadestown content on here, other than alternate endings. and i've been looking for hadestown imagines on here for awhile! so, i figured, why...
Orpheus and Euridice: Happy Ending by Bebelle280104
Orpheus and Euridice: Happy Endingby BEEEEEBLE
What would have happened if Orpheus hadn't turned around?
Hadestown Musical Lyrics (OBC) by SaphaelsChild
Hadestown Musical Lyrics (OBC)by Trashy
Just the lyrics of Hadestown :)
Hadestown lyrics (Broadway Production) by Xenia_Of_Asgard
Hadestown lyrics (Broadway Product...by Xenia_Of_Asgard
I don't own anything. The lyrics are written by Anais Mitchell. Source: genius.com
Ballad of Swords and Vines - Hadestown fanfic by redmoonprincess7
Ballad of Swords and Vines - Hades...by Ella Puerto
A civil war brews in Hadestown after a mortal boy enters to save his wife. The leaders of each side? a King and a Queen. It was only a matter of time, but they finally...