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No Choice (A Kaito x Len Fanfic) by InkpenA113
No Choice (A Kaito x Len Fanfic)by ⭐️Ink Bapy⭐️
When Kaito Shion gets infected with an unknown virus, his head malfunctions and gives him a burning love for his close friend, Len Kagamine. And Kaito is determined to k...
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Giving this a rest to write for other fandoms to hopefully pull me out of this writing funk I've been in for over a year I'm basically selling my soul for you guys. All...
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Vocaloid Randomness by MellonWrites
Vocaloid Randomnessby Michael
Exactly as the title says. If you wanna know exactly what start reading but I warn you it's like those "______ on crack" things. So yeah this is basically a '...
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The Disguise 【 Kagamine Len X Reader 】 by LorenoSan
The Disguise 【 Kagamine Len X Nickel
Kagamine Len. Currently 16, Blonde hair and Electric Blue eyes. Known as a Vocaloid, and a Playboy by everyone. Although there's something you don't know about him. He...
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OliKase FanFic  by AnYu2316
OliKase FanFic by Kurumi the Neko
Is it real? Am I really doing it? YES! I am finally doing it! I'm writing an OliKase book! So if you wanna know what happens you gotta read to find out cause I'm not put...
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Ask or Dare the Vocaloids, Utaus and Fanloids! by MellonWrites
Ask or Dare the Vocaloids, Utaus Michael
Welcome one and all! Ask your questions! Send some dares! Respect their personal boundaries or Mayu will get you! All Vocaloids, Utaus/Vipperloids, and Fanloids are open...
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I love you..... Goodbye by XDEATH_21
I love you..... Goodbyeby XDEATH
"I'm sorry... Please don't leave me" "I'm sorry too... I shouldn't have fallen for you" "NO!!!" "I love you... Goodbye" DISCLAIME...
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Kaito x Reader || Enchanting Vocals by Saven_The_Dragon
Kaito x Reader || Enchanting Vocalsby Saven The Dragon
(Y/n) was just an average girl with her exciting friends in highschool-- I mean, college now. Her friends had to leave home to Japan to go to a singing college. Turns ou...
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Once More (Kagamine Len x Reader!) by Alive_in_lalaland
Once More (Kagamine Len x Reader!)by Renchii~
The story revolves around a girl named Y/n who had a crush on Kagamine Len. They were childhood friends and they didn't care if being childhood friends was embarrassing...
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Peter Pan! Len X Captain Hook! Kaito by YEAGER__BOMBASTIC
Peter Pan! Len X Captain Hook! Nerdy Oniichan
Based on the Vocaloid song Portrait of the Pirate F, I bring you a story full of adventure, flying boys and yaoi. Young Kagamine Len hates his life and he never wants t...
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[COMPLETE] Vocaloid Music (Lyrics) by xXAkatsukixLoverXx
[COMPLETE] Vocaloid Music (Lyrics)by Ezekiel T. A.
Are you a fan of Vocaloid, or are you interested in it? Do you like Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len and Rin and so many other Vocaloid singers? If you do, have you heard the...
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Safe Place (Vocaloid AU) by Izzy-the-Bizzy
Safe Place (Vocaloid AU)by Izzy-the-Bizzy
(Warning: This story contains abuse, depression, self-harm, suicidal thoughts and actions.) Sooo... I dunno if anyone's done this before but basically this is an AU tha...
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Blessed Messiah and the Tower of AI by jnobeza
Blessed Messiah and the Tower of AIby Cassie ♡
The world is weakening due to the Divine Punishment that took place years ago, and the people are fearing the worst of destruction from God. But a prophecy claims that o...
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An Angel's Whisper by pheonixfyer
An Angel's Whisperby pheonix fyer
When vocaloid star Haku Yowane finds herself in a dark place, comfort stems where she never thought it would. (Neru X Haku) (MAIN) (Nero X Rin) (Meiko X Kaito) (Meiko X...
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The Vocaloid mansion by Kazushirecat
The Vocaloid mansionby Kazu
so like you can se this is a vocafic it has randomness and awesomness and illtry to update every epic day its my 1st fanfic so please be nice +i use my phone sinse i don...
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Vocaloid Lyrics- English by PikamelDeviantart
Vocaloid Lyrics- Englishby Melody/Mel
{Ranked #1 in Lyrics!} **Updating whenever I remember!** Vocaloid lyrics in English that I happen to be a fan of. No translation is mine and the people who did transla...
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Down the Rabbit Hole: Len Kagamine x reader by tippylove04
Down the Rabbit Hole: Len ❦ 𝕋𝕚𝕡𝕡𝕪 ❦
(Y/n), a heiress to a tea company, has a stressful life. Having to deal with engagements and such. She just wants to escape it all and find a love interest on her own. O...
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My Male Bride [HaoMeixKO] [Republish] by SweetestSin1314
My Male Bride [HaoMeixKO] [ Ciel
A / N : I managed to retrieve this one but with some missing drafts... Even the story description was gone. I'll just put it up on my works so don't expect any update f...
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Second Chance  by Oxyblyat
Second Chance by GRANDMASTER JAX
What will happen if our favourite masked man and good boy wakes up in a different world? What if he wakes up at Hachimitsu Academy? What does fate have in store for him...
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Vocaloid Headcanons and Facts by Otakutalks_mp4
Vocaloid Headcanons and Factsby Otaku Talks
Part one of Facts, Headcanons, details, relationships, hopes, dreams, and more of EVERY Vocaloid! ❗️REMEMBER some are facts and some are headcanons, let's see if you can...
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