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Diamond-FrostIron [ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE] by AmericanCheese1
Diamond-FrostIron [ON HOLD UNTIL Punk goth guy
ON HOLD, DONT ASK FOR UPDATES Only a diamond can scratch another, but they are easily broken. Tony Stark. Iron Man. Everybody's least favorite Avenger, it seems. Loki La...
Finding Them by HollowEssance
Finding Themby Hollow
Four brothers, scattered across the map. A kingdom, awaiting its rulers. A prophecy, bringing all the pieces together. This is the story of how he found them. Or: This...
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Angels and Devils (Harry Potter Fanfiction) by NatashaDuncanDrake
Angels and Devils (Harry Potter Tasha (Natasha Duncan-Drake)
AU after Order of the Phoenix. Harry defeated Voldemort and his act of heroism is famous throughout the wizarding world. He's trying to finish his final year at Hogwarts...
Sleepy Boys Inc. Oneshots by Arctic2320
Sleepy Boys Inc. Oneshotsby Arctic2320
Sleepy Boys Inc. + Tubbo! Also, I update when I remember too, and I'm a slow writer, so please be patient! I'll try to keep updates consistent on this book though.
Through the Flames | SBI (Royal AU) by noteblockz
Through the Flames | SBI (Royal AU)by Noteblock
A town was attacked in the kingdom. The only survivor is a young boy named Tommy. He is saved and taken in by the royal family. Though, this has a fair share of its own...
-All On Your Own- ||Sleepy Bois AU|| by Awoof288
-All On Your Own- ||Sleepy Bois Awoof
Wilbur and Tommy have been on their own for as long as they could remember stealing to survive Wilbur spends most of his time fending for Tommy, trying to make his life...
Fallen by spn__destiel
Fallenby spn__destiel
After a witch hunt in southern Ohio, Dean can see Castiel's wings.
Fly Or Fall [DreamSMP/Hermitcraft Crossover] by BlueQuills_
Fly Or Fall [DreamSMP/ BlueQuills
Phil, Techno, Wilbur and Tommy. Four brothers, a secret bloodline running through their royal veins. Dream, Sapnap and George. Assassins, best of the best. Grian, with h...
Oh, Ophelia (Heaven help the fool who falls in love) || Vigilante Tommyinnit by Arrow_3478
Oh, Ophelia (Heaven help the Arrow
Tommy is a vigilante named Mellohi, he destroys bad guys and makes the hero's angry. It's a win-win in his opinion, anyway in a world where not having powers is extremel...
He Dreams Of Flying by MysticMonarch
He Dreams Of Flyingby Carter Rowanne
Castiel is a boy trying to make it on his own, a boy no different from the rest. Except, of course, for the pair of ocean blue wings he's hiding underneath baggy T-shirt...
A Devilish Hell Of A Romance by CreeperSpeedster
A Devilish Hell Of A Romanceby Luliana
Now to celebrate the International Fanworks Day 2018 I posted this work with the Valentines Day as theme. --- It is Valentines Day in Los Angeles and the devil himself g...
The Secret by killgarraghforever
The Secretby The Doctor
When bandits attack, Arthur didn't expect Merlin to be stabbed. But when he was, Arthur could've never imagined what he found under the bandages. Wing!fic. Will be conti...
Celestial Wings by Scribefox
Celestial Wingsby Scribefox
Midoriya Izuku always dreamed of being a hero, even if everyone tells him his quirk is more suited towards the support department. He refuses to give up on his dream, b...
THIS TEA IS CURSED || Taekook || by ruii_fishu
THIS TEA IS CURSED || Taekook ||by ⊹.⊰ 🌼 ruii 🌼 ⊱.⊹
Siren Jungkook after a wild night of party finds himself hungover on an isolated island. There he finds warlock Taehyung, who helps him get better. A friendship blooms...
Even a Phoenix Can Fall ~Dream SMP/ Sleepy Bois Inc by CrazyWolf_16
Even a Phoenix Can Fall ~Dream CrazyWolf_16
Tommy was tiered. So very tiered. He just wanted to sleep. He misses his brother. How did things turn out like this?
The Angel of the Fairies (Fairy tail fanfiction) by EbbZilla
The Angel of the Fairies (Fairy EbbZilla
Perhaps the phrase 'Puppets without strings' would better fit their purpose. That's all they seemed to be now. No one to control them, no emotions, nothing left to groun...
The Raven's Feather by zerozaki_Zen
The Raven's Featherby zerozaki_Zen
There are different ways to find a mate. For feather folks, Alphas shows off. It can be in a form of songs, feather dancing, offerings, show casing strength and other f...
A Soul Takes Wing by rightsidethru
A Soul Takes Wingby rightsidethru
Tony's wings have always been still, limp things attached to his shoulderblades. Eventually, Bucky's curiosity gets the better of him.
Awesamdad And Children Oneshots by HollowEssance
Awesamdad And Children Oneshotsby Hollow
Just a bunch of awesamdad oneshots because I like em, might be awesambrother or stuff like that too and what not :) yes they're actually oneshots this time. Cover art b...
Soaring Rebirth: Underswap by TwilightDoe
Soaring Rebirth: Underswapby
I woke up one day after a terrifying set of events to find myself reborn as Sans the Skeleton, and not just any old Sans, I was a WingSwap Sans!...with Gamer powers? Wha...