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365 Days of MyStrade by BrooklynTayla
365 Days of MyStradeby ConsultingFangirl
A collection of one shots all featuring everyone's favourite DI and Mycroft Holmes! They're slightly connected to one another :) Thanks for reading!
The Assistant Headmaster (Mystrade Fanfic) by consultingmoonwalker
The Assistant Headmaster ( Clara
"I'm willing to take the risk," Gregory said, sliding his hands up to my shoulders. "The question is," he lowered his voice, "Are you?"
Please Be John by aphjohnlock
Please Be Johnby Keith
In this (BBC) Sherlock AU Sherlock Holmes is given a pen pal named John Watson for an university assignment. Finally. Sherlock has made a friend. A best friend, and he h...
Johnlock and Mystrade Texts by deadlyrxse
Johnlock and Mystrade Textsby deadlyrxse
Texts between a consulting detective and his blogger and a certain Detective Inspector and the British Government
Sherlock One-Shots by EmShreve
Sherlock One-Shotsby EmShreve
Sherlock one shots with very slow updates. **I don't own any of the pictures. They are all from Google Images.
Mystrade - Getting to know one another by TheMiniMack
Mystrade - Getting to know one Abby
Mycroft and Lestrade get to know one another. And boy do they like each other. Eeeeeeventually, anyway.
A Fish Called Greg by alisonmalison
A Fish Called Gregby Ally DeRiggi
This is a Mystrade FanFiction. I got the idea from this amazing fan made movie trailer on youtube, about a good romance relationship fanfiction between Mycroft Holmes an...
Oh Brother... (Sherlock & Mystrade FanFic) by miraclelock
Oh Brother... (Sherlock & miraclelock
D.I. Lestrade was on his way to St. Bart's to talk with Molly. He wanted to see if she had found out anything new about a recent case. Once he got there and walked into...
In Love With The Rain by GabrielOfSnow
In Love With The Rainby Gabriel
Mycroft is always there with his umbrella walking in the rain. He is the only one under his lonley umbrella. What happenes when when he lets Lestrade under his umbrella?
Late nights, early mornings by Smutandfluff
Late nights, early morningsby Smutandfluff
Greg's burning the candle at both ends after the divorce, will someone step in and help?
Mystrade  by DoctorWho123456789_
Mystrade by DoctorWho123456789_
This is a ROMANTIC relationship. Mycroft Holmes needs someone to pretend to be his partner to stop his mother putting him on unnecessary dates. Who is a better fit than...
Sherlock texts. by moongazer12
Sherlock moongazer12
The crazy things that goes on in their texts. Johnlock, Mystrade, Mormor
Finding Mycroft a Goldfish. by astudyinmoriarty
Finding Mycroft a Emma
Mycroft is lonely, even though he would never admit it. So Sherlock takes it upon himself to find Mycroft his 'goldfish.' Mystrade fanfiction with Johnlock . *smut to co...
Drunk Habits (Mystrade) by Cavallox
Drunk Habits (Mystrade)by Cavallox
What if.. Flirtatious!Mycroft was the one who approach our D.I? Do you want to see Flustered!Greg and Naughty!Mycroft? And both of them? Just read this story!
Soul to Keep by ATelepathAndAPsycho
Soul to Keepby Rage and Serenity
In a world where you're born with the first name of your soulmate on your wrist, some people spend their whole lives waiting, while others know too many people with the...
Be mine - A Teenlock/Johnlock by xMaaaayx
Be mine - A Teenlock/Johnlockby May
What happens when Sherlock Holmes a sixteen years old boy gets new neighbours? A Johnlock fanfiction; #636 in romantic 25/09/16 what
Sherlock BBC Texts by Uni1718
Sherlock BBC Textsby Uni1718
Random texts
Deduce Me by eyesfilledwithstars
Deduce Meby Han(nah)
A BBC Sherlock fan fiction *Teenlock* *Johnlock* *a bit of Mystrade* Welcome to Baker Street Secondary... Are you in the mood to read an EXTRAORDINARILY long teenlock...
*FLUFFY* BBC Sherlock One-Shots by Kamie007
*FLUFFY* BBC Sherlock One-Shotsby Kamie007
This is simply a fangirl's first attempt at writing fluffy Johnlock and Mystrade fanfic! These characters do not belong to me in any way/form/or fashion!!!! FULL PROPERT...