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Like a Fairytale  by ly_l_ssy
Like a Fairytale by ly_l_ssy
Actually, Alice's stay at the new school was supposed to be normal. But what can you call normal when you find yourself at the school for good and evil, get into a confl...
The Forbidden Fairytale (Lady Lesso x Reader) by NotBee_real
The Forbidden Fairytale (Lady Less...by NotBee_real
Different fandom this time.. wow- You are Sarah Sanderson's daughter, y/n. In a surprising turn of events, your mother was killed. You got bored of your life in Salem. H...
One Shots - Lady Lesso by simpkris
One Shots - Lady Lessoby Kristen
Hello, this is yet another One shots on Lady Lesso. Again, the majority of the stories are not mine, but after speaking with the writers, I have received approval from...
Evil in a satin dress(Lady Lesso/Reader)  by lovehotwomen
Evil in a satin dress(Lady Lesso/R...by nessa
The daughter of the Evil Queen and Maleficent will go to the school of Good and Evil as a teacher. What kind of relationship she will have with Lesso and who she really...
~☆My Angel☆~ by Reader0luvv
~☆My Angel☆~by Luviess
Down there⬇️ ~There was a girl named 'Calypso'. She was once a goddess who loved music and had such beauty but there was a problem. She had to go down to earth. The war...
[Lady lesso x female reader] forbidden love by Lessoswife
[Lady lesso x female reader] forbi...by just gay girl
(based on the movie) you always knew that you liked older women but you always kept that in secret. One day you attented to school for good but your heart did not becaus...
A room for two | Dovesso fic by Nwptun
A room for two | Dovesso ficby Nwptun
Because of all the fights Leonora and Clarissa have, Anemone decided to set an end to it with a very very stupid plan. And who would be a better help then Sophie and Aga...
Puhon... by HapiPotatoh
Puhon...by Yanna
Thana always notices her, but Lesso's too focused on Rafal. If she had realized earlier that he didn't love her, there might have been a chance for their love to bloom...
The Dean Of Evil by Lux_VA_Coulter
The Dean Of Evilby Luxanna Coulter
(Movie not the books) In the past you had attended the school for Evil, you being Y/n Mills. The only problem was, You had the kindest heart in all of Foxwood, you never...
Lady Lesso x reader one shots by _Lady_Lesso_Wife_
Lady Lesso x reader one shotsby Lesso wife
basically all chapters are smut. so enjoy it slvts 😉
Childish? How dare you. by myyyL0verrrr
Childish? How dare you.by Women.
The dean of evil holds the heart of the hyper ever teacher, without knowing. (Once again not my art)
Dovesso One Shots by Nwptun
Dovesso One Shotsby Nwptun
Here are some one shots of our favorite couple. I am open to suggestions, if you have any. And I write x fem.Reader aswell. Alternative universes are also an option. Als...
Satan's daugher x Lady Lesso by lesbianmfkr
Satan's daugher x Lady Lessoby lesbianmfkr
Y/n the daughter of Satan get sent to the school for evil at the age of 19. English is not my first language so it may contain mistakes. I'm sorry if this story may sou...
Leonora Lesso Oneshots by Konstantinakkk
Leonora Lesso Oneshotsby FarahDowlinglives
And some one-shots for the most wonderful and sexy Dean of all. Don't hesitate to send a request !!!
Daughter of the evil dean  by TaurusTale
Daughter of the evil dean by TaurusTale
Iris, a teenage girl who is brought to the school for good, learns more about her past. But what happens when she finds out that her biological mother is not where she e...
lady lesso headcannons by lesso_simp
lady lesso headcannonsby tegan(she/they)
Close for requests right now,enjoy (No smut) (lady lesso x reader)
☆ One Shots of all kind ☆ by Lunas_Storytime
☆ One Shots of all kind ☆by Lunas_Storytime
This is a compilation of OneShots, with my own ideas in it, but I gladly take requests too. ♡ More Infos in first chapter:) ♡ ♡ ♡ |The most characters don't belong to me...
annoying sunshine | Clarissa Dovey x Fem!OC by ruthlessreaper
annoying sunshine | Clarissa Dovey...by yourbffcallsmemommy
| annoying sunshine | "A lot of my friends and professors have told me that I embody a ray of sunshine." "Guess what?" The Evergirl tilter her hea...
Between Times and Places by Bahar3377
Between Times and Placesby Bahar3377
When a spell went wrong children of our beloved deans find themselves in a journey where they travel through different times and universes in love stories of their mothe...
Longing Defiance - Dovesso by anyasivy
Longing Defiance - Dovessoby anyasivy
Clarissa Dovey never liked to promise. Sure, there was a different kind of promise she likes- a promising happy ever after. But this one? Gosh, she regrets ever promisi...