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Lost (Yata X Reader) by positively_poland
Lost (Yata X Reader)by Trolly McTrollerton
A few months after the Red King died, you moved into a new neighborhood, only to realize, you live three doors down from Homra... Being part of Scepter 4, well, thats no...
K: Bittersweet Flames by DukeNeko
K: Bittersweet Flamesby meowmeow
"When people lie, it isn't the lie itself that is important, but the reason why they lie in the first place." Everyone has secrets that they want to keep hidde...
Be King Again|| Mikoto Suoh by sadpoet009
Be King Again|| Mikoto Suohby kai
My life has always been a series of nightmare, after nightmare, the day I decided I didn't want to live in this miserable world, was the day he saved me, it was the day...
K Project One Shots by queen_of_blizzards
K Project One Shotsby Bliss Knightwalker
Theres is lots of laughs, angst, and some lemons! Sapphire:2019 BABY Me:YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS, Theres gonna be some ocs... and meh! and friends *Smirks* Natsuko:Cause we're a...
The Eighth King | K Project Fanfiction by S_Luna_
The Eighth King | K Project _Luna_
"Blue of cold and red of fire make beautiful purple that has many shades and faces..." We only know that there's 7 Kings. Well there is actually one more. U...
Burnt & Buried (K Project) by Drizzle_Madness
Burnt & Buried (K Project)by Drizzle_Madness
She is a normal girl by day and a thief at night. One day she passed by the wrong place and witnessed something she wasn't supposed to see. Who knew that it would caused...
The Lion Tamer by MonstaMix
The Lion Tamerby MonstaMix
Based on the anime K-Project. Serenity is considered a rarity among all the other clans because she's currently the only female clan leader in all Japan. Her clan have a...
Mikoto x oc by arely3935
Mikoto x ocby Dance in the Dark
Anna has a sister and her name is rose. Rose is a stain and a king i mean a queen the eight purple king but she is a queen because she is a girl What happened when rose...
K Project: The Purple Queen by So_Kawaii_Tya
K Project: The Purple Queenby La'Tya
Izumi Kasamura tries to keep herself under the radar at all times and is a ghost at her school. During one day she drags herself into a situation in which the Black Dog...
Of Kings and Superheroes by DavisLeo
Of Kings and Superheroesby Rowan
Huge energy spikes have been detected in Shizume City, Japan. The Avengers are sent to investigate. Upon arrival, the Avengers get sucked into a world they never knew ex...
K Project Misaki Yata One Shots - 1215 by Sincerely_1215
K Project Misaki Yata One Sincerely_1215
I'm testing out new covers so ignore that weirdness pls~ PLEaSe ReAd OkaY my other Misaki FanFiction story has short chapters and even though a lot of people really like...
Falling by Mi_Sa_Ki
Fallingby Mi_Sa_Ki
Ah...of course they go at it again as usual. But with that old skateboard, Misaki fell and lands on...SARU?! That's not even all of it! His lips...are we-?!
Curse Of A Queen (Mikoto Suoh Fanfiction) by Secret_Kira
Curse Of A Queen (Mikoto Suoh Kira P.
Jasmine moves to Japan,hoping for a better change ever since her parents divorced.She doesn't want to attract people because she is also a famous Bilingual pop singer so...
The Unordinary Ordinary [COTE X MHA X BSD X K] by shyaholicc
The Unordinary Ordinary [COTE X shyaholicc
In the Advanced Nurturing High School, Kiyotaka Ayanokoji accidentally fell down the empty stairs and appeared in another world, without the obstruction of other people...
Myriad Worlds Exchange starting from the Live Broadcast with Goods by Spinfoxie
Myriad Worlds Exchange starting Spinfoxie
Alternative Title: 从带货直播开始的万界交流 Author: Little Bear in Spring Summary: When the Little Tiger was working diligently at the Armed Detective Agency When Tsunayoshi was re...
The Guardian Dragon by LordMurcielago
The Guardian Dragonby LordMurcie
A dragon All alone in a hellish world... I wonder what this, Issei will do~
Kings [Tokyo Revengers X Reader X K Project] by AlvaAckerman
Kings [Tokyo Revengers X Reader Alva Ackerman
"I'm the one of the oldest in the eight kings,so watch your mouth,little boy"-L/N Y/N. There are seven kings and their clans. Gold,Silver,Red,Blue,Green,Gray a...
Forgotten Sakamaki Sister by Red_maria18
Forgotten Sakamaki Sisterby Mariya
This is Sakamakixoc This will be book 1, will include K project characters and Diabolik Lovers characters. Hylia Sakamaki is the only daughter of Karlheinz Sakamaki and...
The Red King Lives (date a live harem x Male Mikoto reader) by Jaxread
The Red King Lives (date a live Jaxread
(A/N: I finally finished season 1 of Date a live and I wanted to make one, also I love K and the red clan.) The world filled with spacial quikes and spirits, at first yo...