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Knuckle's Brother?  [Male Echidna Reader]  by BehindToo
Knuckle's Brother? [Male Under your Bed
Knuckles is known as the last of the echidnas, teaming up with sonic and tails, saving and defeating eggman for years...until he just find out he have a brother all this...
My Knucklehead (Movie! Knuckles x Human! Reader) by Olivia200312
My Knucklehead (Movie! Knuckles Olivia200312
Y/N was a teenager that lives in Green Hills together with Tom, Maddie, Ozzy, and her best friend, Sonic. She was adopted at a young age by Tom and Maddie and she's than...
The Emerald Protector (Knuckles x Gender Neutral reader) by Psycho_Bacon
The Emerald Protector (Knuckles _PSYCHO_BACON _
(NOT MY COVER ART BTW!! CREDITS TO THE ARTIST!!) Saw the Sonic 2 movie recently and Knuckles has been the only thing on my mind so......this is something I thought of. ...
Sonic Characters x Reader Oneshots by Rozecorpse
Sonic Characters x Reader Oneshotsby Roze
-Cover art by lovedeltaa on Twitter -I do not own any of the characters -I do not own any of the art -I do not know all the characters too too well -Y/n is non-binary ...
Stars In The Sky (My Hero Academia x Male Sonic Reader ) by MovieSonic
Stars In The Sky (My Hero Movies Sanic
What do you get when a super sonic blue hedgehog and dangerous villains collide? A mega awesome Superhero story! What else would you think?
time wave // sonic boys x human!reader by xcherricutie
time wave // sonic boys x human! Cherri
-OLD- -Indefinite Hiatus- Y/n L/n is a shy sixteen year old girl, who often spends her time in the woods, away from her worries. When she one day finds a deep, dark cave...
The son of eggman: The final horizon (Female sonic harem X male son of eggman)  by Theswankyseal
The son of eggman: The final Theswankyseal
(This story is a sequel to the story: The son of eggman) Months have passed since the black arms invasion and the death of black doom and of Y/N robotnik the brave hero...
Synthetic (Silver the Hedgehog x Reader) by T-Night
Synthetic (Silver the Hedgehog x T
The future has been saved. Four years after Silver returns to the future, he finds himself fighting his new nemesis, which he's been fighting for two years at this point...
Sonic Boom x Reader (DISCONTINUED) by MaskedDragon533
Sonic Boom x Reader (DISCONTINUED)by MaskedDragon533
DISCONTINUED. Female reader! Title TBD. One day, trying to escape your typical human life, you travel to a small island. It is inhabited by humanlike, talking animals! A...
Sonic Boys X Reader (REQUESTS: CLOSED) by Silverx721
Sonic Boys X Reader (REQUESTS: Silverx721
Sonic Boys x Reader One-Shots by T-Night
Sonic Boys x Reader One-Shotsby T
Oh no. I did it again. Got into another fandom. Welp, we're here now, and I've got ideas. Requests are strict as usual. But at the moment, they're closed.
Misunderstood Relationship - Sonadow by AlyxaZzz
Misunderstood Relationship - AlyxArsenic
(Previous title: 'Some Time Together - Sonadow') Sonic and his team were at one of the greates battles they had against their most fearful and hated enemies, including...
a high omnipotent being who's seen movies and tv shows along with comics lately become stale,boring down right aweful,terrible and decides he had enough and brings peopl...
Who Am I If I Can't Run? by GL0SS0PH0BIA
Who Am I If I Can't Run?by https:Axisvilxa
Sonic broke his leg saving Shadow from what could have been a near death experience. He needs to stay in recovery for more than 3 months and can't even walk. Will Shadow...
Slave to the Alpha and Luna  by KateMWilson22
Slave to the Alpha and Luna by KateMWilson22
After loosing his job, boyfriend, and kicked out Knuckles finds himself sleeping in the attic of a rundown bar. Yet one night walk out for a run he gets kidnapped and br...
Chaotic Power (A Mario Movie + Sonic Movie Crossover Fanfiction) by JadeSylvinaVA
Chaotic Power (A Mario Movie + JadeSylvinaVA
After Sonic's latest adventure, Tom and Maddie decide to take him on vacation in Brooklyn where the blue blur befriends a plumber named Mario. While working underground...
The Box - Sonadow Fanfiction by FicPerson
The Box - Sonadow Fanfictionby Nun Ya Bidness
Two hedgehogs get stuck and a series of rather interesting events unfold.
Ask and Dare the Sonic Prime Characters by TheresaMoyers
Ask and Dare the Sonic Prime TheresaMoyers
You can ask or dare the Sonic prime characters in this book
Sonic Oneshots by CoolGirl937
Sonic Oneshotsby CoolGirl937
Yes, I am a fan of Sonic have been for years, You can judge me later. I do any form of sonic ships, I'll make a list 🖤 - Boom Universe 💙 - Prime Universe 💛 - X Unive...
Under the Name of Love (Sonadow) by 2imimik2
Under the Name of Love (Sonadow)by ♦imimiku♦
#24 ON SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG!!! Eggman kidnaps a poor chao and mutates it into a fiery red chaos. Sonic and friends go on a mission to save the chao, but with a Sonadow tw...