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All it took was meeting you... (Champion Leon x OC) by BlueAzure92
All it took was meeting you... ( Blue Azure
Lynelle Celestine accepted her brother's request of her going on a vacation in the Galar region to take a break from work and take a trip down on memory lane. Meeting an...
That Summer | Raihan x Piers [Pokémon] by luna_5oo
That Summer | Raihan x Piers [Poké luna_5oo
"Do you think we're doing something wrong?" The question that was asked on that summer night to silence one boy's insecurities was the root of misunderstanding...
Life's Requiem, Death's Caterwaul (Champion Leon X OC [Slight x Raihan]) by TMWolf
Life's Requiem, Death's TMWolf
Sequel to Champion's Sword, Galar's Shield Reunited once more, Cassandra and Leon embark on their next journey together--taking on the Kalos Gym Challenge and also helpi...
I can tell by your Hand | Raihan x Leon [Pokémon] by luna_5oo
I can tell by your Hand | Raihan luna_5oo
One time when we were kids, the two of us got lost. I was so scared that I was bawling my eyes out, but you just wordlessly pulled me along by my hand as you tried your...
"You don't need to say it" | Raihan x Reader | OneShot by todle101
"You don't need to say it" | Gigi
GENDER NEUTRAL READER! Raihan x Reader - You and the gym leaders head to Alola as a celebration getaway after you become champion. What will you do when you're finally...
Teach a fairy how to bite like a dragon. (Raihan x OC) by ScadoodlePaloodle
Teach a fairy how to bite like a Fay
As an influencer, Raihan was possessed by his image and followers. Eventually, his eye falls on his social media rival Thalia, a fantasy model from Johto. At the time th...
Dragón y siniestro by MisscherryM
Dragón y siniestroby MisscherryM
Coleccion de Drabbles y Oneshot de Piers y Raihan.
Sing For Your Heart (Raihan x Oc Oneshots) by poke-fangirl
Sing For Your Heart (Raihan x Oc Amethyst Jewel
Can be reader insert if so desire, just use some imagination! These are just my own self indulgent headcanons and imagines of my pokesona and Raihan. Mostly cute and som...
Felicité (DNKB/Leonrai) by chelibeli
Felicité (DNKB/Leonrai)by chelibeli
"People say that happiness is ephemeral. He was never an expert on feelings, however, disagrees." (A/B/O dynamics)
Dandelions (One-shot) by nyanyakibana
Dandelions (One-shot)by Kibanya ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
After losing another battle against his one and only rival, Raihan decides to visit a nearby field in the Wild Area, hoping to relax and collect his mind. Suddenly, an i...