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Pure Hearts by PrincessLocket
Pure Heartsby PrincessLocket
What do you get when you mix an runaway princess with a Pokémon? You get a wild journey filled with excitement, faliures, friendships, fluffy romance, and danger. Join L...
Ultimate spider man OC insert by FireGirl38
Ultimate spider man OC insertby Cookie Z/Mystic Pink
After the events of Anankos, Cookie one day went to the Ultimate spider man universe to learn on her own. Meeting old and new friends. How did she survive the events fro...
The Best is Yet to Come (A Pokemon Fanfic)(OC x Leon) by bluethealpha
The Best is Yet to Come (A Pokemon...by Jynx Hamilton
Rufina Elm, an aspiring breeder and research assistant for her father, Professor Elm, sets off on a journey around the world of Pokemon to learn about the many species m...
The Shapeshifter: pokemon sun&moon (Discontinued/Rewritten) by KonekoJr
The Shapeshifter: pokemon sun&moon...by MrsKoneko Jr
[ this fic was discontinued and rewritten. ] In which a girl named annalece lives in the world of pokemon, entirely bent on hatred towards them. Why? Because she was on...
Ash, The Dragon Specialist | Pokémon by chicabbage
Ash, The Dragon Specialist | Pokém...by 🥗
HAS MATURE THEMES, LET YOURSELF BE WARNED BY THIS! Ash Rederick Ketchum knew that he is anything from normal. From birth to the point he could talk and think, he was ca...
My Original Character Book by Allen_the_Weeb
My Original Character Bookby AllenWrites
A place for me to jot down my OCs. Mainly used to tag for other roleplays, but feel free to explore. Ya boy accidentally deleted the OG book, so welcome to the 2.0 versi...
My OCs! 💜💙💚 by Gore_Jus
My OCs! 💜💙💚by GoreJus ❤️
Seems how I have more than one OC now, I have decided to make a book about them. They're like the children I've never had. Also, a special surprise inside later on!
Pokémon The Wonders of the World by PikaMew-02
Pokémon The Wonders of the Worldby PikaMew
Red, a fifteen year old boy from Kanto, was ready to embark on his journey to become a Pokémon Master. But, when his journey started, he discovered some strange oddities...
Pokemon Journeys X Oc by Scribblyclouds
Pokemon Journeys X Ocby Any name<3
Two girls meet, two eggs found, what could go wrong? Well a lot actually.
Pokemon Ketchum  Twins, Indigo League by flowerbox12
Pokemon Ketchum Twins, Indigo Lea...by flowerbox12
Meet Abby Ketchum, Ash's twin sister whom shares a dream of becoming a Pokemon master. While her common sense is a bit better than her brother's, she has just as long of...
Life's Requiem, Death's Caterwaul (Champion Leon X OC [Slight x Raihan]) by TMWolf
Life's Requiem, Death's Caterwaul...by TMWolf
Sequel to Champion's Sword, Galar's Shield Reunited once more, Cassandra and Leon embark on their next journey together--taking on the Kalos Gym Challenge and also helpi...
Ancient Heroes (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon) by flightmare_kid
Ancient Heroes (Pokémon Mystery Du...by 🐲Blake🐲
You've probably heard the legend of Zacian and Zamazenta, and how they saved Galar and pushed back the Darkest Day. But where did they come from? The wolves, the Darkest...
That Night: Anthro Snow Leopard X Anthro Absol  by M3M3_06
That Night: Anthro Snow Leopard X...by M3M3 _06
Love? Something that i though i never could think I'd feel again, after the one loss i had. My life took unexpected deviations most of the times, and even that time i di...
One Size Fits All by MrMashedPotatoes
One Size Fits Allby Mashie Washie
A dumb self indulgent thing, featuring my Pokémon trainer oc chubbing up due to a Snorlax hoodie. Based on the Snorlax set in Unite.
love and secrets by xi-star
love and secretsby Moony_Owl
a Lucario named blade trying to escape his past a pampered furfrou named duchess who is a actress what could duchess see in blade that could make her fall in love with h...
Pokémon: Mysteries of Alola by TheForgottenShimmer
Pokémon: Mysteries of Alolaby TFS
A boy 16 years of age comes to the region of Alola with his mother for a fresh start in life. Alola's Island Challenge will be his very first Pokémon adventure, strange...
Milo x OC | Where I Belong | Pokémon Sword And Shield by Mcgamezie
Milo x OC | Where I Belong | Pokém...by Mcgamezie
A traveling trainer who has been doing everything and close to completing the pokedex, catching pokemon and even breeding them. Her family lives in the Galar region in H...
My Journey in sinnoh by Lordexplosionmrder
My Journey in sinnohby Jordan Upton
I'm sent to the world of the diamond and pearl anime.... Cool
Art Book Of Chaos! by xXInkyDoodlesXx
Art Book Of Chaos!by Inky
Just a bunch of art that I do that I decided to post. :P