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TK : Misophonia  by metanoiaru
TK : Misophonia by Rui
- " لِماذا ترتدي سماعات الرأس دائمًا ؟ " - " هذا ليسَ من شأنِك " عندما يتطفلُ جونغكوك على الفتى المصاب بالحساسية الإنتقائية للأصوات
M. P. D by yoonsoek_34
M. P. Dby مُلوخِيَّة 💫💙
هل هُم حقّاً موجودون؟ أم أنّه عقلي فقط؟ -jjk
Anna-Yuna | M.YG (English Ver ) by Mimi_Fiver
Anna-Yuna | M.YG (English Ver )by ميـمو
A girl was living peacfully, and then suddenly she found herself chased by gang and while escaping the unknown into the unknown, the haunted house's garden swallowed her...
Off Guard by AshLights102
Off Guardby Ashraqat A. N. Elsahy
Feel again. Breathe again. Open your eyes again. . . . . 🚫 All rights reserved. This story is published subject to the condition that it shall NOT be reproduced or retr...