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O' Christmas Tree by harry_potterfan1220
O' Christmas Treeby Levi
A Teddy Pierce x Reader Story. (Y/n) (L/n) was told at nine years old that Santa didn't exist. What happens when she does an overnight stakeout with her boyfriend and hi...
FOOL; teddy pierce x fem!reader by theloserizzy
FOOL; teddy pierce x fem!readerby IZZY
"you make me feel like a fool, waiting for you." Y/N L/N had known the Pierce's for a very long time and by the time she was around 14, she definitely had a cr...
Christmas Chronicles (Teddy x OC) by avr144
Christmas Chronicles (Teddy x OC)by avr.123
Your name is Lena Franster, and you are 15 years old, 2 years younger then Teddy Pierce. You have basically been part of the Pierces Christmases ever since you were in 6...
Babysitter - Teddy Pierce x OC by Doveva
Babysitter - Teddy Pierce x OCby Dove
When Rockelle baby sits Kate on Christmas Eve and meets her enemy. The one and only Teddy Pierce. - The Christmas Chronicles.
Christmas Chronicles (Before Christmas) by heyitschloe041808
Christmas Chronicles (Before Chris...by heyitschloe041808
This story takes place right before Teddy and Kate's dad died. Teddy is currently dating Emma Johnson. This is before all of Teddy's big changes, because that happened a...
Christmas Love?  ||  Teddy Pierce  (christmas chronicles)  by Annainnitnotfound
Christmas Love? || Teddy Pierce...by Marceline
A Christmas chronicles story. ¦¦¦ Charlie O'Connor and her parents have always been close to the Pierce family. Since Doug's death everything changed. Charlie's parents...
Kate's Christmas Wish by Peregrine3439911
Kate's Christmas Wishby Peregrine3439911
Kate's wish!!!!!!!!!!! The Christmas Chronicles
Teddy Pierce x reader ; A Christmas to remember by youWh0re_
Teddy Pierce x reader ; A Christma...by Losers Club😎
A Christmas to remember. where two 16 year old's show their feelings for each other and have a Christmas adventure.
【Always】『Severus Snape x Reader』 by Viv_JustHereToRead
【Always】『Severus Snape x Reader』by ׂׂૢ 𝔳𝔦𝔳𝔦𝔞𝔫 𝔳𝔢𝔩𝔳𝔦𝔠...
Y/n Pierce was...a muggle student at hogwarts, she was the middle child of the pierce family, she always was a true believer in magic and saint nicholas, her family alwa...
Santa's daughter  by jungkookwife05
Santa's daughter by jungkookwife05
One day the daughter from Santa and mrs Claus was brought on earth her name was Mary. When Mary was old enough she went with her dad bringing gifts around. But when her...
The Christmas Chronicles by Tasha_Marvel
The Christmas Chroniclesby Tasha_Marvel
If you're reading this, you have most likely seen both The Christmas Chronicles 1 & 2, so if you haven't, THIS WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!!!! and let me give you a quick ru...
The Magic of Christmas by BlueSapphireTay
The Magic of Christmasby Moon Stone
In Lowell, Massachusetts, widow Claire Pierce struggles to keep her family together around Christmas following the death of her husband Doug, a firefighter who died on t...
Santas daughter? ¦¦ a Christmas chronicles story by Annainnitnotfound
Santas daughter? ¦¦ a Christmas ch...by Marceline
Santa Claus' daughter Eleanor leaves the north pole to visit the normal world for the first time and puts herself on a mission to give the pierce family a nice Christmas.