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× ᏴᏆᏃᎪᎡᎡᎬ ᏞᎾᏙᎬ!? × [ kαrmαnαmí fαnfíctíσn ] by potatoecchi
× ᏴᏆᏃᎪᎡᎡᎬ ᏞᎾᏙᎬ!? × [ kαrmαnαmí fαn...by euclyryn
In the Class 3-E where killing their huge, unexplainably strong and fast sensei is a priority.. Can love really bloom? A innocent nerdy-like girl and a mischievous evil...
  • nagikae
  • karma
  • karmanami
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Supernovas (Nagikae) by Nagikae_Shipper
Supernovas (Nagikae)by Nagikae_Shipper
Nagisa is a guinea pig in one of Shiro/Yanagisawa's lab. Akari/Kayano randomly ran into the wall of his cell. Soon a friendship is created, they escape together and meet...
  • asanogakushuu
  • karmanami
  • yukimuraakari
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Shiota Nagisa! You idiot! (Nagisa x Akari/ Kayano Fanfiction) by Last_Assassin
Shiota Nagisa! You idiot! (Nagisa...by Love_Myself
Well...What should I say? This is my third story, I don't want to write my second story anymore, plus, this story IS NOT ass class. This is a story about Nagisa, not a g...
  • fanfiction
  • romance
  • action
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NOW OR NEVER (mainly a nagikae fanfic) by Raika-sama
NOW OR NEVER (mainly a nagikae fan...by Raika-chan
They graduated Jr. high with success. On assassination of their target, academics, even Nagisa's parents were successful to be together again.They left each other. They...
  • chibaxhayami
  • kaedekayano
  • manamiokuda
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Be Together (KarmaxOkuda Fanfic) by itsManami_okuda
Be Together (KarmaxOkuda Fanfic)by Manami
Will Karma and Okuda prevail through the hardships? Will they be able to stay together, or will they be forced to say goodbye and go their separate ways?
  • anime
  • karumana
  • okudamanami
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Karmanami one-shots          (Karma Akabane x Manami Okuda) by ILikeRed15
Karmanami one-shots (Karm...by A Red Idiot
I just wanted to make some one-shots for this underrated couple. hope you enjoy PS. I don't own any of the characters they all belong to Yusei Matsui It's my first sto...
  • karmaxokuda
  • assassinationclassroom
  • okuda
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A snake and a rabbit(Nagikae Fanfic) by Akarui_Re
A snake and a rabbit(Nagikae Fanfi...by Akarui_Re
this is my first fanfic and it about Nagisa X Kayano
  • nagikae
  • nagisashiota
  • karmanami
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You and I (NagiKae Fanfiction)|| On Hiatus by Me_as_Yusuke16
You and I (NagiKae Fanfiction)|| O...by GeTwReCkT1435
7 years has passed ever since Korosensei's death. But, someting happened 3 years ago. Encountering a new enemy, twist happenings and etc. How about I'll tell you about i...
  • karmaxokuda
  • ocxnakamura
  • nagisashiota
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Messed Up Feelings by amaryllidinae
Messed Up Feelingsby amaryllidinae
Karma x Manami
  • love
  • hate
  • okuda
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Together [A Place In Our Hearts]  by NotSoGreatWriter179
Together [A Place In Our Hearts] by 😈Partners_In_Crime😇
(Sequel to Always Remembered) After the reunion, everyone returns to their regular routines. It has been 2 months since the renuion. In the space of that time, Kayano...
  • karmanami
  • ansatsukyoushitsu
  • anime
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AnsaKyou Reacts (Request) w/ Akuma no Riddle Characters by Me_as_Yusuke16
AnsaKyou Reacts (Request) w/ Akuma...by GeTwReCkT1435
All the rules will always be there. Fufufufufufu!
  • funny
  • tokakuxharu
  • jokesandpuns
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Karena Cinta Datang Tanpa Permisi by Kiakiakii
Karena Cinta Datang Tanpa Permisiby Adnida Kia rahid
Tidak selamanya cinta berasal dari mata turun ke hati. Tidak selamanya cinta berasal dari ledekan teman sekelas. Tidak selamanya cinta berasal dari keakraban. Tidak sela...
  • ansatsukyoushitsu
  • karmanami
Still inlove With You by nvrmindisfeelng
Still inlove With Youby nvrmindisfeelng
Karma x Manami After seven years...after the death of our beloved sensei. Who would have thought that it could bring a big impact on us. Who would have thought that it c...
  • karma
  • akabane
  • class3-e
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5 thiếu gia và 5 cô hầu ( quản gia )  by sintawa
5 thiếu gia và 5 cô hầu ( quản gia...by Sintawa LaiLon
Truyện về năm vị thiếu gia và năm cô hầu ( quản gia ) . Được kết giữa truyện sinke và assassination class room
  • sinke
  • karmanami
  • sugikaza
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Always with you karma kun ! by annmarysaji
Always with you karma kun !by Annmary
This story is having a lot of fun stuff and all... This includes mainly of karma and okuda... And we have other shippings like : Nagisa x kayano Rio x Asano (coming up...
  • manami
  • fiction
  • kαrmα
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Assistant [Nagikae and Karmanami AU] by nagisa01152
Assistant [Nagikae and Karmanami A...by Crystal
Hello! It is I! Akari Yukimura!... So it appears you May have heard the news. If I'm wrong about that, then let me explain, even though it pains me deeply. So, I'm no...
  • karmanami
  • assassinationclassroom
  • asano
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One Shot Time (Karma X Manami) by Yanicchi-sama
One Shot Time (Karma X Manami)by Yani uwu
A series of one shots for this cute couple, Karma and Manami. Disclaimer: Yusei Matsui owns Ansatsu Kyoushitu Credits to the owners of the photos I'm using in this Fanfi...
  • ansatsukyoushitsu
  • ship
  • karmanami
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Mafiatale (Karmanami AU) [On Hold] by KimeaVee
Mafiatale (Karmanami AU) [On Hold]by IAmVee-ter
"A mafia gang has been reportedly seen causing chaos in the cities. Their whereabouts are unknown and they seemed to be targeting a famous laboratory owned by Yanag...
  • âu
  • nagisa
  • manami
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Assassination Classroom: Truth or Dare? On hold for the moment by SapphhireStone_0130
Assassination Classroom: Truth or...by SapphhireStone_0130
Exactly what the title says it is, You can ask any of the AssClass characters a question or give them any kind of Dare! (Yes my readers ANY kind of dare your otaku heart...
  • nagikae
  • assasinationclassroom
  • karmanami
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Los criminales del reino by Annie-Aki
Los criminales del reinoby Annie-Akinel
Okuda Manami una pequeña princesa,maltratada por su madrastra,se escapa del castillo,en el pueblo reinaba la pobresa desde que el rey murió dejando el reino a manos de l...
  • amor
  • karmanami
  • odio