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✎ academia ✐ by kakiewrites
✎ academia ✐by kakie
The MagiCourt School (Academia Atrium Magicae) is by far the most prestigious of all educational institutions for magic. With a track record for excellence, students her...
Arko Cade & The Magic Hunter by kakiewrites
Arko Cade & The Magic Hunterby kakie
*i am well aware 90% of this book rly sucks,,, i started writing it at 15 years old and this first draft serves as my own catalogue to see how much i've improved* arko...
of things i am certain. // bashiñigo  by kakiewrites
of things i am certain. // bashiñi...by kakie
"one, i am sebastían. two, you are iñigo. three, i lo-" "don't." "what?" "don't say it." "why not?" "i am afraid...
the wilde ones. by kakiewrites
the wilde ones.by kakie
an arkoverse anthology book dedicated to the most powerful of all magical houses. • arkoverse book five •
the blue tiger. by kakiewrites
the blue tiger.by kakie
"You stand by me-I'm going to make some noise. Cause some chaos. Endure through the rough water. Stick with me through the storms." His mind was somewhere else...
liham/lihim by kakiewrites
liham/lihimby kakie
liham: noun • a note, letter, written word lihim: noun • a secret, unpublished, untold liham/lihim: noun • a collection of the unfinished all written by kakie between th...
Paraiso, Paruparo. by kakiewrites
Paraiso, Paruparo.by kakie
Manuela's grandfather is the president. Manuela's grandfather has been the president for as long as she can remember. Manuela has never been outside the palace. Manue...
akin. by kakiewrites
akin.by kakie
english • adjective of similar character, compatible, kindred. filipino • adjective mine.
to libby, with love... by kakiewrites
to libby, with love...by kakie
"romeo charles wilde, cursed to defy the stars, as so eloquently put by his namesake, has defied them all indeed... and caught the moon." sequel to asher & eli...
Asher & Eliza by kakiewrites
Asher & Elizaby kakie
it was a series of small mistakes, a mixture of perfectly calculated happenings, one after the other. when asher fell in love, he did so with eliza cade. when eliza fe...
the unsung. by kakiewrites
the unsung.by kakie
an arkoverse anthology book dedicated to the oldest of all magical houses. • arkoverse book four •