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Ocean Eyes  | Jotakak by barkingforbeidou
Ocean Eyes | Jotakakby ♡
"You'll stay with me forever?" Kakyoin whispered. "Always." HIGHEST RANKINGS: #1 IN JOJOSBIZARREADVENTURE #1 IN JOTAROXKAKYOIN #4 IN NORIAKIKAKYOIN #...
Why We Can't be Friends [Jotakak] by ImmaLilShy
Why We Can't be Friends [Jotakak]by ✨Ladies Lady✨
"You're like a child" he smirked. "What is that supposed to mean?" I asked saddening a little. "It's just, your mood changes at the flip of a co...
kiss me in the rain || a jotaro x kakyoin fanfiction by guythatdrawsisgay
kiss me in the rain || a jotaro noah
It's been a few months after the trip in Egypt. School's out, and Jotaro is in distress. His best friend, Kakyoin, is in the hospital. The SPW Foundation is doing all th...
Dragon Joestars⭐️ by tate_t0c
Dragon Joestars⭐️by peep
the joestars being dragons, going to the human world to see what's it like. Not knowing the surprise that will happen there. - 🐉⭐️✨
Silent (jotakak) by KonoDumbassDa
Silent (jotakak)by SecretOfJotaro’sHat
An honor student named noriaki kakyoin is liked by almost everyone in the school, but one delinquent catches his attention, he never spoke and didn't have any delinquent...
Jotakak Oneshots by 1-800-levi-simp
Jotakak Oneshotsby madi 💫🍒
COVER IS NOT MY ART!!! i'm not sure who it belongs to, if you know please tell me in the comments or something :)
Cherry Blood - Jotakak (Vampire Jotaro) by KonoTopiDa
Cherry Blood - Jotakak (Vampire Topi
Vampire AU ______ Long ago the Joestars were a normal family consisting of a father mother and son. One day a young vampire was adopted. No one knew he was a vampire, as...
Reception~ Jotakak Story by BTA_mono
Reception~ Jotakak Storyby Commander Erwin‼️
As simple as the title, basically this is the Jotakak Wedding! Jotaro finally proposes to Kakyoin, this is the story of the two's wedding experience with planning and e...
Rosas de Estocolmo | JJBA by JPShxtPost002
Rosas de Estocolmo | JJBAby Jᥲ́ρᥱto
La familia Joestar es la mafia misma, no es nada sutil y se divide en tantas partes que un solo líder no es suficiente. La cabeza de la familia es Jonathan Joestar, un...
Obsessed - Yandere!Jotaro x Yandere!Kakyoin by Team_ColbyBrock
Obsessed - Yandere!Jotaro x Trash
This is gonna be so difficult to write anyway, here have this
JoJo One-Shots!  by virtuouspope
JoJo One-Shots! by ✰ 𝓝𝓸𝓻𝓲𝓪𝓴𝓲 ✰
aka a compilation of mostly jotakak ideas i couldn't fit into by my side and random bullshiy (typo because i'm epic but wattpad might not think so) 10/24/2022 - aint no...
jjba groupchat  by emmamamemma
jjba groupchat by emmamamemma
jonathan makes a groupchat god this is gonna get so chaotic #1 in jotakak
,,~hierophant'' (jotakak) by handypancake
,,~hierophant'' (jotakak)by handypancake
a short story about jotaro receiving love letters from a certain someone. modern au because i love writing those !! to celebrate valentine's day/month, no matter your re...
Obsessive Lovers (Jotakak) by diobrandouwuboy
Obsessive Lovers (Jotakak)by diobrandouwuboy
This is a jotakak story, if you do not like the ship scroll please don't put any hate comments about the ship as I will delete it. I repeat this isn't a canon ship and I...
⭐🍒⭐Cherry Chapstick⭐🍒⭐ (Jotakak) by crackheadjjba
⭐🍒⭐Cherry Chapstick⭐🍒⭐ (Jotakak)by crackheadjjba
🍒🍒🍒Some mature scenes🍒🍒🍒 ⭐⭐⭐ Some Fluff ⭐⭐⭐ Cover art is my original work!
jjba oneshots by j0joo0
jjba oneshotsby 🐪
there's a million of these but there's always a need for another. Jojo character x jojo character Jojo character x reader -I do not own art used in book or cover-
In My Mind [Modern JJBA AU] by TrashChan99
In My Mind [Modern JJBA AU]by Llama Microwave
Previous known as, 'My Big Family' Jojo sibling AU Stands still exits. Jonathan has a slightly stronger version of hermit purple. And to compensate for such a weak stand...
Jotakak Week 2020  by SasakiSan
Jotakak Week 2020 by CEO of Saturdays
Day 1- Dancing (completed) Day 2- Fantasy AU (completed) Day 3- Reincarnation (completed) Day 4- Sharing Clothes (completed) Day 5- Scars (completed) Day 6- Sharing a be...